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FTN 042: Foiling a Gunpoint Robbery and Unlocking The Gifts of OCD, with guest Dan Harding

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  • January 4, 2017

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dan-harding-2016_07-profile-picThis week’s guest is Dan Harding, who managed to talk his way out of being held up at gunpoint, so who knows how he can help you? Dan discusses OCD, which is surprisingly close ADHD on the spectrum, so you’re going to get a ton of useful tidbits out of this episode.

Added bonus: He goes by four E’s: excitable, extroverted, enthusiastic, and encouraging.

Second added bonus – He works with Follow Up Then, a company I’ve been screaming about for years – It’s the ADHD DREAM – Check it out – A free way to never forget anything again!

In this episode, Peter and Dan discuss:

  • Being held up at gun point (02:42)
  • Dan’s story (06:03)
  • Diagnosis of OCD (07:48)
  • Turning OCD into a benefit (11:15)
  • Different spectrums (12:34)
  • Making up your own rules (15:11)
  • About the company (16:15)
  • Why calendars don’t work (18:04)
  • Dan’s life rules (21:04)


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  • Sarah

    I appreciate this video! My 9-year old son has ADHD and OCD. The hopeful and positive – yet realistic – information in this video is great. Thank you!