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FTN 044: Pills Don’t Teach Skills, with Cindy Goldrich

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  • January 18, 2017

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This week’s guest is Cindy Goldrich. This is a good one, guys. It’s for everyone, but especially for parents! Cindy is a mental health counselor who works nationally with parents, teachers, and counselors, and has written the book “* Keys for Parenting Children with ADHD.”

Her basic premise here is that pills don’t teach skills, and medication, while not bad, isn’t for everyone, and certainly shouldn’t be a first line of defense. Take a listen. I’m thrilled with this interview.

In this episode, Peter and Cindy discuss:

  • Is ADHD a weakness (02:01)
  • Cindy’s story (02:56)
  • Types of clients (03:31)
  • Teachers, schools and medication (05:45)
  • Working with teachers (08:59)
  • Food and physical activity (10:41)
  • Tips for diagnosed (12:08)
  • The transitional process (13:41)
  • Unknown facts about ADHD (14:13)
  • Not being heard (16:12)


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