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The #1 ADHD podcast on iTunes, hosted by

A Very Special Faster Than Normal: Episode 100, with guests Nancy and Ira Shankman!

by Faster Than Normal

Welcome to episode 100 of Faster Than Normal! I’m so very excited, humbled, and amazed – We’re at 100 episodes! Who ever thought? 100 episodes of any podcast is hard enough, but a podcast about ADHD, hosted by someone with ADHD? That’s an accomplishment!

This week, to celebrate episode 100, we’re interviewing two parents of an ADHD kid. But when this kid was growing up, ADHD didn’t exist. “Sit down, you’re disrupting the class” did.

But through love, determination, and support, this kid made it through school and college (sometimes by the skin of his teeth) and wound up doing ok for himself.

My two guests today are none other than my wonderful parents, Nancy and Ira Shankman. I’m so thankful to them not just for coming on the podcast, but for everything they’ve done for me over the past 45 years.

This episode is dedicated to everyone who’s been touched in some way by ADHD, and recognizes, even just a little bit, that those of us who have “faster brains” are NOT broken, and NOT disabled. In fact, once anyone with ADHD learns how to use that faster brains, the entire world is at their fingertips.

Thanks to my mom and dad, I learned how. And to help others learn how to do the same is the whole reason I started Faster Than Normal in the first place.

Enjoy – and as always – thank you for listening.

To the next hundred and beyond,

-Peter Shankman

In this episode we talk about:

2:30- Welcome Nancy & Ira Shankman!!

4:00- Tell everyone a little about yourselves

5:20- So you two weren’t necessarily entrepreneurs were you?

7:00- What was your first memory, or sign that I was different somehow?

9:00- Let’s talk about my first experiences with school, notes from teachers, etc.

10:42- Looking back, how did me ‘getting in trouble’ feel to you two?

12:27- Do you think teachers still have the ability, considering all of the current pressures they face, to adapt for and acknowledge the kids with ADHD, or even those who just might need a little more help?

14:25- I figured out and invented so many of my own survival skills. Considering all I went through, and all that you witnessed, did you ever stop and think: “What do we do here for him”?

17:20- What do you think it was, that made it possible for me to always bounce back? (i.e. from frustration, mean kids, illness, failures, etc)

18:45- What would you tell other parents who’s kids are coming home with similar complaints to what I received?

20:45- “Looking back I think we were more frantic and worried at times than you were”.

23:00- At what point did you begin to really trust my decisions?

23:50- What would you say to parents who’s children are asking for dopamine-fueling experiences? (often unwittingly)

26:10- On being supportive.

27:07- On not having a fear of doing something differently.

29:00- Any advice to parents for when their kids come home and say: “I’m broken”?

31:38- If ADHD had existed in medical journals when I was young, and the doctors had recommended you treat me with medication, would you have chosen to medicate me? Would you today?

33:12- Thank you Mom and Dad!!! This was awesome!! If you don’t mind, how can people get in touch with you?

[email protected] or on Twitter @ChiorDirector

[email protected] or on Twitter @MusicProf

33:50- That’s btw 😀


35:16- Faster Than Normal Podcast info and credits

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  1. Ira M Gostin

    One of the best podcasts ever. Your parents are amazing!


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