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The #1 ADHD podcast on iTunes, hosted by

ADHD Budding Entrepreneur Collin McDougall on Minding the Details

by Faster Than Normal

Collin’s struggle with ADHD has always been a crucial part of who he is. ADHD was almost a mystery to him, and he always felt out of place, wondering why he was “different” from his peers. It wasn’t until he began to research these feelings that he discovered that there were others who felt the same way. Collin then became obsessed with understanding ADHD. Throughout his research, Collin began to feel comforted knowing that there are resources that can truly help people struggling to understand themselves.  During high school, Collin was introduced to a MLM company called Vemma which sparked Collin’s passion to become an Entrepreneur. He has since invested hours upon hours into personal development, communication, and leadership skills. He now manages his own Car Detailing business, which started as a side hustle, but is turning into a profitable source of income. Today we talk about his journey and what’s been working for him.  Enjoy!

In this episode Peter and Collin discuss:

:45-  Intro & welcome Collin

1:34-  When did things first begin to change for you?

3:30-  What happened after you got diagnosed?

4:15-  Was there an immediate difference as you began taking Concerta?

4:50-  How often do you take your meds?

5:43-  You mentioned you attained your blackbelt in Krav Maga; how do you currently use exercise for your ADHD?

6:13-  Have you found a specific time to exercise that works best for you?

7:30-  Tell us how you started out as an entrepreneur

9:12-  Do you see yourself going back to a regular job, or is being an entrepreneur “it” for you?

9:40-  Take us through an average day for you

10:23-  How do you shut off your brain?

11:02-  Do you have any tricks or tips that you’ve found and use to get stuff done?

11:50-  What have you learned about yourself from your ADHD?

13:08-  How can people find you? [email protected] or SNAPCHAT: @DougDoug

13:45-  Thank you Collin, and thank you for listening!

13:59-  Faster Than Normal Podcast info and credits

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