The #1 ADHD podcast

on iTunes, hosted by

The #1 ADHD podcast on iTunes, hosted by

ADHD Embracing the Cold w/h Investigative Journalist & Best-selling Author Scott Carney

by Faster Than Normal

I’ve been looking forward to this visit with Scott for a while! He’s written six books, but it’s his latest best-sellar that I’m totally in love with! The best part? He’s had ADHD since he was a nano-sphere in his mother’s belly, and when I say “I take cold showers every day”, he doesn’t respond: “What the hell is wrong with you man??!” We talk about all of his journeys here today. I know your going to like this one, Enjoy!

A little bit more about Scott:  Investigative journalist and anthropologist Scott Carney ( has worked in some of the most dangerous and unlikely corners of the world. His work blends narrative non-fiction with ethnography. Currently, he is the CEO of the tiny Denver-based media company Foxtopus Ink, a senior fellow at the Schuster Institute for Investigative Journalism and a 2016-17 Scripps Fellow at the Center for Environmental Journalism in Boulder, Colorado. His books include the New York Times best seller”What Doesn’t Kill Us” as well as “The Red Market” and “The Enlightenment Trap.” Carney was a contributing editor at Wired for five years and his writing also appears in Mother Jones, Men’s Journal, Playboy, Foreign Policy, Discover, Outside and Fast Company. His work has been the subject of a variety of radio and television programs, including on NPR and National Geographic TV. In 2010, he won the Payne Award for Ethics in Journalism for his story “Meet the Parents,” which tracked an international kidnapping-to-adoption ring. Carney has spent extensive time in South Asia and speaks Hindi.

In this episode Peter and Scott discuss:

:09-  Check out my new ADHD Coaching at

1:42-  Intro and Welcome Scott!  book: “What Doesn’t Kill Us” 

3:00-  What’s your background, what’s your story?

4:48-  Failing is part of our process, but your career doesn’t seem to reflect failure that much; do tell!

5:25-  On college

5:42-  On travel, documentations and perspective

6:18-  On India

7:00-  On cults

7:30-  On career evolution  refs: Wim Hof  The Iceman Cometh 

9:58-  On Hunters, Farmers and “burst” mentality  ref: Seth Godin podcast interview

10:55-  On existential threats in the past versus nowadays. (Rest&Digest vs. Fight or Flight) ref: parasympathetic and sympathetic tones

12:40-  On simulated stress, cold showers and adaption

16:14-  On shirtless runs in the winter time

17:30-  Cold showers and ADHD

18:22-  Explanation of the potential benefits- from a physiological standpoint

19:40-  When you’re in a cold shower, how are you interacting with the cold water?

20:40-  The heart of the Wim Hof Method  ref brown fat  article 

23:30-  How do you handle your ADHD Scott?

25:25-  How can people find you? @sgcarney on Twitter  INSTA  Book

26:10-  Get This Book! What Doesn’t Kill Us: How Freezing Water, Extreme Altitude and Environmental Conditioning Will Renew Our Lost Evolutionary Strength

26:23-  Thank you Scott!!

26:33-  Thank YOU for subscribing, reviewing and listening! You can always reach me at [email protected] or @petershankman on all of the socials. Also at @FasterThanNormal on all of the socials. 

26:53-  Faster Than Normal Podcast info & credits

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