The #1 ADHD podcast

on iTunes, hosted by

The #1 ADHD podcast on iTunes, hosted by

ADHD Finding hope, learning to launch and ‘Franken-studying’ your own path with teacher-mentor, Seth Perler

by Faster Than Normal

“Biography of a Struggling Student:  My Story”. This is what Brian Seth Perler sends to me when I ask for his bio. Hah! I certainly can relate to that- I was that kid too. He struggled really hard during high school and then failed out of two colleges, finally returning home and moving in with his grandmother. Things were not great. Through keeping his chin up and repeatedly asking for help- which was also tough to do, he finally got a minimum wage job working with students at a company called ‘At Your School’. There he found something that he was good at, a wonderful mentor and a passion that continues to fuel his path. I hope you will feel encouraged by getting to know Seth Perler and ‘the rest of his story’ in this episode of Faster Than Normal.  Enjoy!

0:48- Intro and welcome, Seth!

1:48- Seth’s story, struggles in school and how that can feel when your a kid, or at anytime for that matter

4:56- What was your moment of change and how did you begin?

6:00- How does one ‘accidentally’ get a job working with ADHD kids?

6:47- What made you certain about your newfound path?

7:30- What do you think about the skills & systems that teachers and schools give kids with ADHD?

8:20- Coining “Frankenstudy”. Finding systems that work.

9:13- What are some of the challenges that teachers in your position encounter?

10:00- How did you handle those challenges?

10:18- A few of Seth’s teaching tips

11:20- Doing what you love, and learning how to do the things you don’t love so much

12:30- What types of coaching are you doing nowadays?

12:50- Executive Function Disorder and defining methods of educating kids with ADHD

15:18- The concept of “Launching” and finding good fuel

17:11- Knowing that it’s OK, if you don’t ‘fit in’

17:32- How can people get in touch with and learn more, Seth?

17:52- Thank you Seth!  I wish we knew then, what we know now.

18:18- Thank you so much for listening!

18:41- Faster Than Normal Podcast info and credits

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