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The #1 ADHD podcast on iTunes, hosted by

ADHD Focusing on the Fun in DysFUNction w/ Justin Randall

by Faster Than Normal

Our guest today is Justin Randall. A former 2-tone-Mohawk wearing punk who has received a lifetime ban from all K-Mart stores, was once Woody Harrelson’s personal bodyguard, had an argument with Johnny Cash, then NITRO, (among others), has served time in jail, done a ton of drugs, and naturally- he repeatedly failed Math. Raise your hand if you can relate to any of these grand “achievements”? Justin has since earned his MBA, a BS in Computer Science and has built an amazing career as a transformational servant leader in the Fin-Tech vertical, working with some of the top fortune 100 and 500 companies on how to manage anxiety in uncertain times. How the heck did he do all that, especially having ADHD?! Even more, how does he continue to do that in 2020? True story folks. Enjoy!

In his own words:  I am a former 2-tone-Mohawk’d Skate/PUNK who has received a lifetime ban from ALL K-Mart stores in the USA, 3 lifetime bans from the Fiesta mall, and 5 lifetime bans from Mill AVE in downtown Tempe (Where I currently have an office)!  For a VERY brief moment, I was Woody Harrelson’s personal bodyguard, had a misunderstanding with Johnny Cash that lead to him being allegedly pushed down a flight of stairs, initiated an impromptu flex off with American Gladiator “NITRO”, and Hungout Dee’BO (Tom Tiny Lister Jr) Kato Kaelin at Phoenix International Raceway.  Despite my 9th grade math teachers forecasting and against the odds, earned a BS in Computer Science, a Master’s in Business Administration, and have built an amazing career as a transformational servant leader in the Fin-Tech vertical, working with some of the top fortune 100 and 500 companies.  I am a HOPELESS and avid adrenaline junkie who prioritizes snowboarding, cliff jumping, skydiving, mountain biking, and EATING above most other things.  I am a Spartan Trifecta finisher, RAGNAR’ian, two time 70.3 IRONMAN and currently training for my 1st 140.6 in 2020. ABOVE all, I am a father of 4, grandfather of 1, have a SMOKING HOT WIFE that I not only love, I REALLY LIKE, and for some reason I still think and acts like a 14 yr old.  I am a survivor of a pretty ROUGH upbringing, filled with some extremely traumatic events, and have THRIVED by focusing on the FUN in the dysfunction.  I am on a mission to tell my story and spread my message so as to reach others who are stuck in the darkness of depression, PTSD, fear, and anxiety.  If this is you, I want you to KNOW; There IS light, hope, happiness and FUN in this world and I am here to help you find it!

In this episode Peter & Justin discuss:

1:03-  Intro & welcome Justin Randall!

2:44-  First things first- how are you doing during all this chaos?!

4:13-  When were you diagnosed with ADHD?

4:44-  Because you weren’t diagnosed; what were you doing to get along?

6:05-  The suggestion of “you’ll wind up in jail” actually manifested. How did you make the commitment to change your ways for good/What was your rock bottom?

9:14-  On filling the spaces left in between

9:56-  On endorphins and the effects of making progress

11:46-  On Imposter Syndrome and Jr. High School Peter (High School Peter)

12:28-  So when the voices of self-defeat and demons pop back into your head nowadays, what do you do?

14:00-  Player mentality aka In some way, Rocky always wins

14:27-  For which Ironman are you training?

15:53-  How can people find you? @iamjrandall on: Twitter  INSTA  FB or Justin Randall via LinkedIN

16:16-  Last question: If someone who’s listening is in a dark place right now, what one piece of advice would you give them?

17:43-  Thank you Justin for joining us! And thank YOU for being here.. for subscribing, reviewing and listening. Your reviews are so helpful.  Even if you’ve reviewed us before, would you please consider writing even a short one for this episode? Each review that you post helps to ensure that word will continue to spread, and that we will all be able to reach & help more people! Thank you. Stay calm, stay healthy and stay focused everyone- we WILL GET THROUGH THIS! You can always reach me via [email protected] or @petershankman on all of the socials. You can also find us at @FasterThanNormal on all of the socials.

18:20-  Faster Than Normal Podcast info & credits

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