The #1 ADHD podcast

on iTunes, hosted by

The #1 ADHD podcast on iTunes, hosted by

ADHD Frontline Healthcare Professional Deitra Banning

by Faster Than Normal

Deitra is a single mom from the Scranton area who’s living and loving life! Growing up, like most kids with ADHD, school was really rough for her. She was diagnosed with ADHD at around age ten after a lot of fighting her mother performed on her behalf. That experience instilled a drive and passion within her to help others. She currently works as a Certified Nursing Assistant at Wesley village in Pittston, PA. Now a mother to a 7 year old daughter who has a passion for the Arts, and especially for theater and singing. She is grateful for all of the support she receives from coworkers family and close friends- it takes a village! She says it’s good to know that people are seeing just how awesome is it to be Faster Then Normal! Today we learn about her journey and what all she’s doing to stay SANE during these historic times. Enjoy!


In this episode Peter & Deitra discuss:

1:04-  Intro & welcome Deitra Banning! 

1:54-  You are a normal person- but you wouldn’t be without your daily routines. Tell us about your story with ADHD.

2:45-  Was ADHD even a “thing” when you were growing up?

3:20-  What kinds of push-back did your mother encounter when she wanted to get you tested?

3:52-  You are a Certified Nursing Assistant and a single Mom. How do you keep your structure and routines working, especially right now?

5:27-  How are you talking to your daughter about everything that’s going on?

6:05-  Have you and your daughter talked about your ADHD?

9:30-  What kinds of things are you doing other than your early morning workouts to keep your ADHD employed as a super power?

10:28-  What do you do for fun?

10:50-  What advice would you give to anyone who is feeling overwhelmed?

11:20-  Thank you Deitra! How can people find you?  @BanningDeitra on INSTA

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STAY HEALTHY – STAY SAFE – STAY HOME.. until next time!

12:14-  Faster Than Normal Podcast info & credits

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