The #1 ADHD podcast

on iTunes, hosted by

The #1 ADHD podcast on iTunes, hosted by

ADHD In the Principal’s Office & on the courts- Thriving & Surviving w/h Andrew Marotta

by Faster Than Normal

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If you live near Port Jervis, NY or have kids that play basketball in the area, then you most likely already know of Andrew Marotta. I did not, until he reached out to me a few months back. I read his book in one weekend and loved it! Both of my parents are retired educators and administrators, so Andrew and I share way more than just the common thread of having ADHD!  I’ve since given them both a copy 🙂 He and I connected for a phone interview just a few days after that first read and this is how it went. I’m grateful to know him now- what a great, energetic guy! I hope you enjoy this visit with Mr. Marotta as much as we did.  Happy springtime! -Peter

In this episode, Peter and Andrew discuss:

0:40- Thank you to for underwriting this podcast!

1:50- Intro and welcome

2:43- Andrew’s book: THE PRINCIPAL: Surviving & Thriving. 125 Points of Wisdom, Practical Tips, and Relatable Stories for all School Principals

2:58- I love this book!!

3:28- Welcome, Andrew

3:40- Two Authors. One great amount of mutual respect.

4:30- So, how long have you been a Principal?

5:00- Public School, it ain’t easy is it…

5:34- Do you think being a High School Principal is a perfect job for someone with ADHD?

7:12- Teaching versus becoming an Administrator

7:46- Andrew talks about how he began earning the trust of his new community

9:17- What role does exercise play in your life Andrew?

10:00- On ‘looking the part’

10:40- Paying attention and having to be constantly ‘on’ as a Principal. (Multi-tasking for 3pts!)

11:24- No, Andrew’s wife did not instruct me to ask him this question, hahaa

12:05- Andrew answers: “What tips would you give to people about giving someone your complete and undivided attention”?

13:42- Let’s talk about a few points you make in your book:

15:33- On making time to be present

15:48- On daily lunchtime in the cafeteria

16:45- On your and your family losing anonymity

17:37- On being prepared. Tip #90: “Know the Teacher’s Contract, the Law and the Rules”.

18:50- On always making the right call


19:01- What’s the most helpful advice you’ve ever received?  (Aww shucks)

19:52- Describe the scariest moment of your life thus far?

20:23- You’re trapped on an island. You can bring 3 things with you and one of them has to be living– Go!

21:14- Leatherman products  yep.

21:56- Thank you to Principal & Author Andrew Marotta!

22:14- Andrew, how can people find you if they wanna check out what you’re doing? or [email protected] Twitter: @AndrewMarotta21

22:38- Thank you Andrew!!

22:56- Faster Than Normal Podcast info and credits

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