The #1 ADHD podcast

on iTunes, hosted by

The #1 ADHD podcast on iTunes, hosted by

ADHD Is Awesome - The Holderness Family

by Faster Than Normal

Having ADD or ADHD is a gift, not a curse. Hear from people all around the globe, from every walk of life, in every profession, from Rock Stars to CEOs, from Teachers to Politicians, who have learned how to unlock the gifts of their ADD and ADHD diagnosis, and use it to their personal and professional advantage, to build businesses, become millionaires, or simply better their lives. I have been wanting to have our guests today on the podcast since we first started so I am thrilled to share my first interview with the Holderness Family with you! 

Penn and Kim Holderness have been married for 18 years and for the past decade, they have been online content creators. Known for their award-winning videos of sketch comedy and music, they have garnered over 2 billion views and over 8 million followers across their social media platforms. Penn and Kim are best-selling authors, award-winning podcast hosts, and were winners on Season 33 of The Amazing Race. Before making their own content in the digital space, they honed their storytelling skills with twenty-five combined years in the TV news business. When they aren’t making their audience laugh, they help international companies make videos of their own along with their team at Holderness Family Productions. Penn and Kim live in Raleigh, NC with their children, Lola and Penn Charles, and their dog, Sunny. We’re talking routines, anxiety, medication, understanding partnerships, and of course how everything relates to our ADHD brains. Enjoy!

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00:40 – Thank you again so much for listening and for subscribing!!

01:13 – Introducing and Welcome Penn and Kim Holderness! Ref: Scott Monty interview

01:52 – Their great new book ADHD Is Awesome

02:44 – How did ADHD become a passion for your books and what was like like pre-diagnosis?

04:06 – On social acuity and ADHD

05:20 – For a lot of people ADHD isn’t awesome; they haven’t found their groove yet. How do we balance the good with the bad or challenging, while also breaking stereotypes through comedy, and raising awareness for further education and study?

08:00 – The meaning of Awesome is great but it’s also scary

09:00 – The book is in three parts; the first one is how a diagnosis stinks initially.

10:30 – On different types of jobs and how the ADHD brain can benefit us in work

12:20 – About Peter’s schedule and how medication is utilized depending on the environment/daily demands

13:30 – What is your daily schedule like and what rituals do you two use?

16:00 – Talk to us about your physical fitness routines

17:30 – On Peter’s ticket for running in Central Park

18:00 – When inspiration hits, how do you save it?

19:40 – On staying in deep work- what do you do to make sure you can keep your flow?

21:50 – On relationships and ADHD

23:30 – How can people find you?  @theholdernessfamily on Facebook, INSTA, TikTok, and YouTube 

24:00 – Thanks so much for listening to Faster Than Normal. Please join us again very soon!

Know anyone doing wonderful things with #ADHD? We would love to have them on and listen to how they are using their #neurodivergence to their advantage. Shoot me an email and we will get them booked!

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