The #1 ADHD podcast

on iTunes, hosted by

The #1 ADHD podcast on iTunes, hosted by

ADHD Mama, wellness blogger & author Susy Parker shares how to live, love and laugh as she studies the superpowers of her daughter

by Faster Than Normal

Susy Parker is an author, wellness blogger & ADHD mama. She’s passionate about inspiring people to understand that ADHD and other learning differences are simply that – different learning styles, abilities and gifts. Her eldest daughter Seren, (who she refers to as Sarah in her book), was diagnosed with ADHD, anxiety and oppositional defiance disorder when she was just six years old. Susy came to learn that the most important thing to help her daughter thrive with ADHD was acceptance, love, positivity and connection. I visit with Susy from her home in Perth, Australia on this episode of Faster Than Normal.  Enjoy!

0:48- Welcome Susy!

1:07- How did ADHD become a part of your life? “Saving Sarah: Learning to Live, Love and Laugh with ADHD

2:12- What made you so proactive at the very beginning and upon diagnosis?

3:22- Susy finished my book in ‘faster than normal’ time!

3:45- What’s the landscape like in Australia when it comes to talking to other parents about ADHD?

4:10- Changing your perspective and perceptions. Not believing any hallway gossip.

5:15- Change doesn’t come easily or quickly does it..?

7:00- A Mom’s perspective; coping with initial fears from an ADHD diagnosis

8:13- Did your daughter go through a stage of feeling broken before she realized ADHD is a gift, not a curse?

9:48- What would be the one thing you would tell a parent who’s child was just diagnosed with ADHD?

10:53- Susy’s podcast: ADHD Mama

11:40- Thank you Susy! How can people find you? BLOG INSTAGRAM

12:35- Faster Than Normal Podcast info and credits

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  1. Pabrotravel

    Thanks for Post!
    I approached Susy Parker on Instagram after she commented on one of my posts, and knew that I had to have her on the podcast. Her journey of parenting a kiddo with ADHD, anxiety and oppositional defiance disorder is breathtaking. From reading the warnings of drug labels, questioning the protocol for medicating kids with ADHD and her own journey of understanding her daughter. The true essence of connection in her family, the empowerment which she unearthed and the surprising lessons that she has learned along the way. It’s a eye opening discussion about the process of working with children who are gifted in different ways, working against the societal negativity around ADHD and creating a community online for parents beginning and living within the same journey as her. Susy Parker is an author, blogger, speaker, podcaster and proud ADHD Mama. Susy is passionate about inspiring and educating parents to see their child’s differences in a positive light. She empowers parents to see past their child’s diagnosis and help them to unwrap their gifts. Susy runs regular workshops both online and in her community where she teaches parents how to manage their child’s differences holistically. She has an online Sisterhood Membership where she shares weekly tips, tricks and tools and guides mums in navigating this journey together. Susy features as a guest writer for blogs such as Lifehack, Healthline and ADDitude magazine. She is passionate about helping people to see that ADHD isn’t a disorder, but just a different way to be, and with the right tools and guidance – ADHD can be turned into a superpower!



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