The #1 ADHD podcast

on iTunes, hosted by

The #1 ADHD podcast on iTunes, hosted by

ADHD Managing Impulsiveness & Kicking The Adderall Blues w/h Brian Robinson

by Faster Than Normal

Brian grew up in suburban NJ. He was diagnosed with ADHD at six years old. He moved away, graduated from Tulane University with a Philosophy degree and a honed talent for writing. In 2016, he was interviewed by Fox 5 NY about his ADHD memoir & personal experience with Adderall addiction. I actually have Brian’s book on my desk right now! He’s a successful entrepreneur, continues to be very outspoken about society’s miscomprehension of ADHD and is helping to change the conversation! Now living in NYC with his wife Lindsey, Brian loves to travel, lift weights, talk philosophy at bars, and enjoys spending time with family & friends. He spends a little of his time here with us today. Enjoy!

In this episode Peter and Brian discuss discuss:

1:00-  Intro & welcome Brian!

2:10-  Brian’s book “Adderall Blues

2:27-  “Ten Ways to be Happier When You Live/Love Someone With ADHD

2:38-  So let us begin with talking about your wife!

3:50-  So what happens when you randomly do the most stupid & impulsive things without telling anyone first?

6:30-  Tell is about your book!

9:20-  Tell me about Beijing- how did you wind up in Beijing?

11:35-  Do you think you would’ve planned better if you didn’t have ADHD?

12:19-  Peter on London

13:28-  Brian on getting deported from China

15:17-  Talk some, if you will please, about addiction?

17:43-  Do you have the premise of addiction that:  “there is no ‘just one’ dose, or hit”?

20:07-  Do you think you could write another book today and be as raw, and honest with us as you were in “Adderall Blues?

21:32-  How can people find you Brian?  [email protected]  INSTA: @BrianRobinsonOfficial

21:48-  Thank you Brian, and thank you for listening!!

22:25-  Faster Than Normal Podcast info and credits

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