The #1 ADHD podcast

on iTunes, hosted by

The #1 ADHD podcast on iTunes, hosted by

ADHD Obsessing, Motorbikes & Marketing with Jason Channell

by Faster Than Normal

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It’s good to be back home folks! This week I sit down to visit with Jason Channell. He’s a Director at WrightIMC, a digital marketing agency in Dallas. He previously was a Digital Marketing Manager for Infinite Agency. Previous to that he was an operations manager for PFSWEB. And previous to THAT, he was a store manager for The Vitamin Shoppe. He’s found through his various experiences in various industries, that he loves to coach organizations and help people to improve. In his spare time Jason loves to ride motorcycles, usually on a quest to find the best local BBQ! He and I are both listening back to this episode of Faster Than Normal in our headphones.  Crank it up and enjoy!

In this episode, Peter and Jason discuss:

0:40- Thanks again to for sponsoring this podcast!

1:57- Intro and welcome; introducing Jason Channell

3:23- Jason’s story

5:15- Marketing + Psychology = good results

5:54- What happens when you are faced with tasks that you don’t enjoy, or haven’t studied?

6:56- So what is your process when you’re NOT obsessed with stuff you need to do?

8:23- Have you ever had a boss that did not understand what’s going on while you are maintaining your “zone of focus”?

10:44- Do you have a deep-work/private work space?  What works for you?

11:44- When did you discover that you were obsessed with certain things, like, more than just ‘liking’ something a lot?

13:20- How do you manage your obsessions?

14:42- Do fitness and diet play a role in your life too?

15:43- What do you do to get back into a good routine when life brings change?

16:40- How can people find you to talk more?  TWITTER @El_Fenix

17:05- Thank you Jason!!

17:17- Faster Than Normal Podcast info and credits

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