The #1 ADHD podcast

on iTunes, hosted by

The #1 ADHD podcast on iTunes, hosted by

ADHD Rollin hard in the school bus with H3 Healthy Hip Hop founder & CEO Roy Scott

by Faster Than Normal

Roy Scott is the Founder and CEO of H3 Enterprise, an EdTech company powered by the arts, entertainment and social interaction. Considered by many as the “Sesame Street of the 21st Century”. With ten plus years of experience in the music industry, a passion for technology and helping the youth, Scott turned what he loved into a business. H3 was launched in 2013, quickly gaining traction through their live engagement and online content, contracting with such companies as Blue Cross Blue Shield, SHAPE America, The LeBron James Family Foundation and many more. Currently, Scott serves as writer and executive producer of H3 content. He has a great skill of cultivating relationships and creating new opportunities through innovation. We first met at a conference in Omaha and I think what he’s doing with H3 and the results he’s getting are amazing. Enjoy!

In this episode, Peter and Roy discuss:

1:00- Intro and welcome Roy!

1:50- What is H3 and how did it begin?

3:33- Countless studies show that movement & activity can lead to massive changes in a kid’s learning; tell us about some of what you’re seeing?

5:05- Tell us about some of the results you are seeing after getting kids active & moving in class

6:32- Getting kids settled down, focused & ready to learn in 45 seconds, versus 5 minutes by using H3 is impressive! Is that result consistent?

7:43- Why do you think there seems to be such a hesitancy by schools to employ more consistent physical activity into the daily lesson plan?

8:18- On antiquated systems and resources-

9:13- What new techniques are you seeing from new teachers?  (Simpsons ref)

11:16- What’s next for H3? (See the latest here on Twitter)

12:37- What age group tends to benefit the most, or is it universal?

13:23- Roy, how can people find out more out H3 and reach out to you?

www.   Twitter: @Healthy_Hip_Hop

Personal Twitter: @RoyScottBoycott INSTA: @royscott.boycott

13:52- Thank you Roy!!

14:13- Thank you for listening!!

14:29- Faster Than Normal Podcast info and credits

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