The #1 ADHD podcast

on iTunes, hosted by

The #1 ADHD podcast on iTunes, hosted by

ADHD Social Wordsmith Media Manager Grant Crowell

by Faster Than Normal

Grant Crowell is a a wordsmith and currently works as a full-time contractor and virtual event video coordinator for Dell Technologies. A man wearing many hats, he was previously a three-time social media manager on both the agency and brand side, a past YouTube channel manager for Fortune 100 enterprises, a nationwide conference speaker on video marketing, a former professional editorial cartoonist and talk radio host, a comedy club staffer, and a dabbler in documentary film production. He is a proud fighter of free speech for everyone and was represented by the ACLU during his college years. Grant volunteers with Karen as foster parents for a cat and kitten adoption and rescue organization. For fun, he enjoys running in thousand-acre forest preserves, looking for the best craft beer deals across state lines, listening to offbeat podcasts, enjoying quirky documentaries, open mic nights, and getting into spirited dialog with humor. His first solo book, GRANTASMS! is the culmination of many years of word creations from his big ideas, small wonders, and unfinished business. You can find it HERE. He is an enthusiastic student of creative psychology and social health, and he explores twisted ways of treating people online with empathy daily. He succeeds some of the time, laughs at the others, gets pissy about a few, and tries to learn from them all.

Today we talk about “Grantasms”- the descriptive word mash-ups we all need, about his diagnosis of ADHD and sleep apnea, the many hats he wears for work & how he keeps them all secured to his head! It’s a fun one today that we recorded at the very beginning of 2020, Enjoy!

In this episode Peter & Grant discuss:

1:20-  Intro & welcome Grant Crowell!

2:50-  So when were you diagnosed; what’s your story?

5:00-  On being diagnosed with sleep apnea and how that changed his life too!

6:00-  On maintaining his creative outlets, post diagnosis. Ref: Rich Hall’s Sniglets

8:20. You wear many hats for your job. What sort of rituals, practices, things do you have in place that work for you- that you have to do in order to remain successful?  Ref: The 5 Minute Gratitude Journal  Calm meditation app  Focus@Will music app

12:00-  On writing his book of Grantasms

14:20-  On using cellphone pix to remember stuff!  Ref: spacial dyslexia aka directional dyslexia

18:00-  On “big little moments” and the term ADHD

19:00-  On why he wrote the book

19:50-  On how ADHD is really a misnomer, & how hyperfocus is awesome!  Ref: The 4,000 piece lego car that Peter built! 

20:00-  How can people find you?  [email protected]    Twitter: @GrantCrowell  INSTA: 1_twistedsquirrel  YouTube  FB for Grantasms  LinkedIn: /grantcrowell

23:49-  Dopplersation:  When you’re running somewhere and you see people coming from the other direction talking, but only catch a couple of seconds of the conversation and it makes you so curious!

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25:10-  Faster Than Normal Podcast info & credits

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