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The #1 ADHD podcast on iTunes, hosted by

You Are What You Eat- Part Two w/ Nutritionist Andrew Wade

by Faster Than Normal

The first interview with our guest today was so informative, we had to bring him back! If you haven’t listened to “Nutrition Wellness and ADHD w/ Fitness + Dietary Expert Andrew Wade” maybe try to start there. Either way this is a great one! We left off with “don’t eat cookies alone”… Today is a continuance of that interview. He expounds on that sentiment and we talk more about how important nutrition is in our hectic, everyday ADHD lives. Enjoy!

A little bit more about our guest today- He is a Registered Dietitian, and owner of Case Specific Nutrition (CSN), a Dietitian Group Practice with 4 locations in Pittsburgh, PA and the surrounding area. CSN has various contracts servicing fitness centers, corporate wellness initiatives, health and rehabilitation sites, and family medical offices. Andrew completed his Master’s in Wellness & Human Performance at the University of Pittsburgh in the Fall of 2015 and is currently credentialed as a Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics (CSSD). In addition to his practice, Andrew is the creator of the accountability mobile app “Rate My Day”, the co-founder of the online habits course The Optilife Academy, the author of the book “Marathon Ready Runner’s Nutrition Guide: a quick reference tool”, and the owner of the Case Specific Wellness Fitness Center.

In this episode Peter & Andrew discuss:

0:40-  Intro & welcome back Andrew!!  Prior refs: RateMyDay App  The Optilife Academy Book: Marathon Ready Runner’s Guide: A Quick Reference Tool  Case Specific Wellness Center

1:24-  When we last parted, I had the phrase “don’t eat cookies alone” stuck in my head all week! Would you please expound on that statement?

3:19-  About more “lonely foods”

4:26-  How should we keep our pattern of good nutrition when our regular, daily schedule is thrown out of a window?

6:45-  On putting the day in “holidays”

7:38-  On traveling, nutrition and planning  Ref: 

10:45-  On resilience 

11:15-  What else can we do to prevent getting into situations that make it hard for us to make good nutritional decisions?

14:31-  Flat tire analogy about overeating

16:00-  When our ADHD blows up, it seems like the first thing we stop being mindful of is food. Do you have any quick tips to prevent or combat that?  Ref for dopamine hits: also on YouTube  and  JustForLaughs on You Tube

20:55-   Andrew has a NEW PODCAST called CSN3MPodcast You can find it here:  

*How can people find you? @casespecificnutrition on INSTA  FB  @CaseSpecificPGH on Twitter also at  &

21:45-  Thank you Andrew Wade for joining us here again! And thank YOU for subscribing, reviewing and listening. Your reviews are working! Even if you’ve reviewed us before, would you please write even a short one for this episode? Each review that you post helps to ensure that word will continue to spread, and that we will all be able to reach & help more people! You can always reach me via [email protected] or @petershankman on all of the socials. You can also find us at @FasterThanNormal on all of the socials.

22:08-  Faster Than Normal Podcast info & credits

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