The #1 ADHD podcast

on iTunes, hosted by

The #1 ADHD podcast on iTunes, hosted by

Award Winning Actress, Author, GenZ Influencer and ADHD Anti-bully Esabella Karena

by Faster Than Normal

I met our next guest at the Adobe Summit in glittery Las Vegas a couple of months ago. She was the youngest presenter in attendance! She’s an award winning actress, film writer, co-author of a young adult novel “Then and There, Here and Where” -which is set to publish this Spring. (Did I mention her age yet..?) Recently nominated a top GenZ influencer, she is currently creating her own greeting card line, oh yes, and she too has been diagnosed with ADHD, and also Dyslexia. Esabella Karena joins us today to talk about her journey thus far. Enjoy!

In this episode Peter and Esabella discuss:

1:00-  Intro & welcome Esabella!

2:30-  When were you diagnosed with ADHD?

2:50-  So ‘grade one’ was in 2010 for you aye..

3:20-  How did ADHD blossom for you; how did things go after your diagnosis?

4:05-  What was different for you when you moved to your new school?

4:50-  On knowing if you’re in the right school

5:25-  Was it easy for you to fit-in & make friends?

6:08-  How did you get through that tough time?

6:48-  Kids are going to understand that it’s ok to be different. What advice would you give to kids who have just been diagnosed, or who are maybe just realizing that they have a gift; that they are special.

7:30-  Tell us more about you! What else are you up to lately?

8:32-  How long have you had your tutor?

8:50-  Tell us more about the extra-curricular activities that may be ‘not so normal’ for someone your age; like hosting a Variety show for example!

9:58-  What do you think makes a good Influencer?  ref: Generation Z Program

10:57-  It seems you’re prettymuch on top of the world right now; what’s next for you?

11:37-  What would you tell kids, especially ADHD & Dyslexic kids, who might have parents who are not as understanding as your’s? Or, what advice would you give to parents in general?

12:41-  Talk about some of your screw-ups?

13:37-  Do you think making mistakes is how you learn?

14:00-  What quote would you want people to remember you by?

16:12-  How can people reach you?  INSTA, Twitter, FB @EsabellaKarena

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17:12-  Faster Than Normal Podcast info & credits

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