The #1 ADHD podcast

on iTunes, hosted by

The #1 ADHD podcast on iTunes, hosted by

CBD Is Working for ADHD Media and Tech Expert, Corey Herscu

by Faster Than Normal

Corey is a media and technology expert who has emerged as the ‘always-on’ innovation and cannabis publicist. His experience as a journalist for outlets like Global News and The Globe & Mail and his prolific hustle on behalf of his clients makes him the ideal partner for brands looking to connect with journalists and consumers. A frequent speaker at hubs such as Leaf Forward, MaRS and Ryerson’s DMZ, Corey has unique insight into the inner workings of the media industry and knows how to make a story irresistible. 

Corey received his post-grad in public relations from Ryerson University and resides in Toronto, ON, Canada with his wife, daughter, dog and floor-to-ceiling sneaker collection. We begin by talking about those sneakers here today. Enjoy!

In this episode Peter and Corey discuss:

:52-  Intro and welcome Corey!

1:42-  So how does one garner a floor-to-ceiling sneaker collection & how are you still married

3:48-  What prompted you to finally get diagnosed?

6:05-  Outside of CBD, do you take any other meds?

6:47-  Talk about the immediate differences you experienced once switching completely to CBD 

7:26-  Is it/does it work the same for you, to this day?

7:54-  What is Indica?

8:58-  So you are able to get into your zone of focus this way?

9:49-  And for you this has been 100percent better than any sort of medication you got from a doctor, or from BigPharma?

10:24-  You also work as a publicist in the cannabis industry; talk a little about that and how you use ADHD to your advantage in your work

12:16-  How were things for you, growing up with ADHD?

13:37-  What do you tell someone who may have a kid with ADHD and is struggling in school?

14:50-  Thank you Corey! How can people get in touch? @CoreyHerscu on Twitter  @Herscu on INSTA Facebook and at RainmakerPR on Twitter

15:29-  Thank YOU for leaving us your reviews and for subscribing!

15:39-  Faster Than Normal Podcast info & credits

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