The #1 ADHD podcast

on iTunes, hosted by

The #1 ADHD podcast on iTunes, hosted by

Do Anything You Want To In This World w/ ADHD Mom, Record-breaking Athlete Caitlin Conner

by Faster Than Normal

The day before Caitlin’s 24th birthday, a young girl in Texas was texting while driving and didn’t see a young couple on their motorcycle. Caitlin & her husband at the time were ejected from that bike. She lived to celebrate her birthday in the ICU. When she woke up from surgery the nurse informed her that she was four weeks pregnant. After 6 reconstructive surgeries on minimal pain medication, antibiotics, and anesthesia due to the pregnancy, Caitlin knew that her child was worth more than her own body. On June 12th, 2014 she amputated her left leg below the knee and began to take on life as a new Mom. February 13, 2015 she delivered a beautiful baby girl named Tinley. Caitlin had always wanted to be a Mom, but now the question arose as to what kind of mother she would become. She set her first two goals: to walk & run before the baby could. In April of 2016 she ran her first 5k w/ Tinley in a stroller. A month later, she found a crossfit gym and began a strength training regimen. A passion that began from just wanting to be a Mom who could chase her kid around, rapidly grew and transformed a woman who has since become the first amputee boxer in America, a woman who has earned Gold and Silver medals in everything from Triathlons to Javelin, completed countless marathons, and on-and-on! She has recently started who’s mission is to help the world be more adaptive, accessible, and profoundly knowledgeable about the adaptive community. We talk about choices, goal-setting, motivation and her incredible story here today. Enjoy!

In this episode Peter and Caitlin discuss:

:45-  Intro to Caitlin Conner

1:11-  Caitlin’s bio and backstory

3:00-  Welcome Caitlin! So before the accident, what was life like for you?  ref:  Video Rental Stores

4:04-  What happened on the day of your accident, and what was going on in your life?

6:16-  Unbelievable, just unbelievable! How do you begin to bounce back from such adversity?

7:30-  What was your process of deciding whether to be amputated, or not?

8:20-  On choices

8:50-  How old is your daughter now and does she realize that you are a badass?

9:12-  Your sports resume is a little crazy- tell us about how you got started and how you remain motivated.

10:24-  What is your favorite sport?

10:38-  What’s your routine for training; if you have one?

11:13-  On not competing in the Paralympics with Team USA

12:09-  Do you think ADHD may be influencing your multi-sport passion?

12:58-  What do you say to people who have had a massive life shift like you have? How do you get them back up on their horse?

14:12-  How do you handle your bad days?

15:32-  On embracing self care

16:23-  How can people find you and please give us your Instagram addy!  INSTA: @Caitlin.AndHerLegNamed.Rex  FB

16:30-  Fun fact about Rex

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17:42-  Faster Than Normal Podcast info & credits

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