The #1 ADHD podcast

on iTunes, hosted by

The #1 ADHD podcast on iTunes, hosted by

Daniel Arrigg Koh, Chief of Staff to Boston Mayor Martin Walsh

by Faster Than Normal

Today we discover how the brains behind the city of Boston uses his ADHD to his advantage!

We have a very special guest on this edition of FTN, Daniel Arrigg Koh, the Chief of Staff to the Mayor of Boston, Massachusetts, Martin Walsh.

In this episode, Peter and Daniel discuss:

  • Daniel’s first job at 13 years old
  • Why Daniel fell in love with public service
  • Fear & insecurity at work due to ADHD symptoms (If you have kids with ADHD, you don’t want to miss this!)
  • How Daniel manages to succeed at his job, and how he uses ADHD to his advantage to do so
  • Getting of off medication – What made Daniel do it, and his thoughts on it
  • Tips to survive long meetings
  • The link between working out and ADHD (I preach this constantly! It’s nice to get some confirmation!)
  • Daniel’s top 3 apps for organizing his life, both professionally and personally
  • Advice for parents with kids diagnosed with ADHD (Again, a must listen!)


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  1. AJ

    Nice to hear a younger person’s perspective. Curious about his thoughts on medication. I wonder if he had not been on medication if he would have been able to get through college. Classes last well over his 20 minute meeting threshold.


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