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The #1 ADHD podcast on iTunes, hosted by

The Episode for Women: Terry Matlen, Psychotherapist and Consultant

by Faster Than Normal

Terry MatlenThis episode of FTN is for the ladies!

We have a very special guest on this edition of FTN, Terry Matlen, a psychotherapist and consultant, who focuses primarily on helping women with ADD and ADHD.

This one, as they say, is for the ladies!





In this episode, Peter and Terry discuss:

  • Differences between ADHD symptoms in men and women
  • Why Terry decided to focus on women
  • The different expectations between genders
  • Why women tend to get diagnosed later
  • Trigger signs women should be on the lookout for
  • What should partners be aware of
  • Why Peter needs deadlines
  • Tips to avoid a lot of the problems that come with ADHD
  • Minimalism vs Clutter
  • Diet & Exercise


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