The #1 ADHD podcast

on iTunes, hosted by

The #1 ADHD podcast on iTunes, hosted by

ADHD Runner, Podcaster, Wife and Mom, Kari Gormley

by Faster Than Normal

Kari GormleyToday’s guest has used her ADHD to create an award-winning podcast, a full-fledged business, and as a bonus, one that helps hundreds of people each week get in shape, learn to run, and stay happier! Kari Gormley decided a few years ago to take her love of running, (and all the benefits it gave her in managing her ADHD,) and turn it into a business – Now, she hosts The Running Lifestyle, one of the top-rated running podcasts in iTunes, and it’s a must-listen – as is this episode of Faster Than Normal!

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In this episode, Peter and Kari discuss:

  • Kari’s exercise background and where ADHD fits (4:39)
  • Workout schedule and why it’s important for ADHD (07:01)
  • Meditation (07:43)
  • Making ADHD your superpower (09:28)
  • Creating a successful podcast (11:28)
  • Deciding whether to quit or continue working on an idea (13:41)
  • The feeling you get after a run (And why it’s even better when you’re ADHD) (16:00)
  • Preparation for anything (17:44)
  • One interesting fact (19:07)


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  1. Kari Gormley

    Thank you Peter for having me on your podcast and the kind words. There is nothing like the focus and endorphin high you get from moving your body. 🙂



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