The #1 ADHD podcast

on iTunes, hosted by

The #1 ADHD podcast on iTunes, hosted by

Unlocking ADHD Gifts with a Plant-Based Diet, with Coach Adam Sud

by Faster Than Normal

Today’s episode is all about what you eat. Adam Sud’s story is going to blow you away. From three fast food meals a day, plus a TON of ADHD medications, Adam reinvented himself physically, mentally, and emotionally, when a doctor told him he had diabetes, and was on the road to a shortened life. He discovered a plant-based diet, dropped 100 pounds, got off the meds, and he’s never looked back. Thinking about alternate ways to improve your life and manage your ADHD? You don’t want to miss Sud’s story.

In this episode, Peter and Dave discuss:

  • Childhood nicknames (04:48)
  • Adam’s history & diagnosis (06:30)
  • Having a wake up call & creating a change (14:34)
  • Plant based diet & eating habits before switching to it (16:30)
  • Steps taken in order to change diet (17:49)
  • Dealing with addiction (21:52)
  • Medication for ADD & ADHD (22:41)
  • Changes after going on plant based diet (23:40)
  • 5 tips (25:22)


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  1. Helen King

    Ohh – what great timing! This was exactly the topic I was going to be starting on (what role diet might play in better managing my ADHD!)


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