The #1 ADHD podcast

on iTunes, hosted by

The #1 ADHD podcast on iTunes, hosted by

The ADHD Dentist Dad, with Dr. Roger Lucas, DDS

by Faster Than Normal

I’ll be honest… When a dentist reached out to me and said he should be on the podcast, I didn’t really get it. But then, I talked to Dr. Roger Lucas. Not only is he using ADHD to make his practice one of the top practices in his area, but he’s also learned a thing or two about running a business, being married with ADHD, managing people, and yes – even how what you eat, and how you take care of your teeth, affects your ADD and ADHD. You’re not going to want to miss this episode – Especially when we talk about Coffee and Methyl-B12 Vitamins!

In this episode, Peter and Roger discuss:

  • Roger’s background (1:29)
  • About the book, eating chocolate and cavities (2:22)
  • Techniques for writing a book (4:11)
  • Being diagnosed with ADHD (7:33)
  • Top tips for running a business (10:12)
  • Personality tests (12:25)
  • Tips & Tricks for managing people (18:57)
  • Coffee & B12 (21:02)


  • The Dentist Dad (Website)
  • More Chocolate No Cavities by Dr. Roger Lucas (Book)
  • Deep Work by Cal Newport (Book)
  • ADHD Effect on Marriage by Melissa Orlov (Book)
  • Delivered From Distraction by Edward M. Hallowell (Book)
  • E-Myth by Michael Berger (Book)
  • Personality tests (Kolbe / Disc)
  • Dave Ramsey
  • Michael Hyatt

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