The #1 ADHD podcast

on iTunes, hosted by

The #1 ADHD podcast on iTunes, hosted by

Seth Godin on ADHD, Will Power, Triggers, and Changing Your Life

by Faster Than Normal

I literally can’t even right now. I present to you an interview with Seth Godin. Yes. THE Seth Godin. He’s on the Faster Than Normal Podcast this week, opening up about his ADHD, talking all about how he’s made his life the unbelievable success that it is, and how he’s used his ADHD to his advantage.

Seth Godin! I mean, this man has done for the online world what Dr. Jonas Salk did for vaccines, and I’m not blowing smoke. Seth is known WORLDWIDE for his business acumen (he started Yoyodyne and sold it to Yahoo! for an estimated $30 million…) His books, including Purple Cow and Permission Marketing, and he blogs EVERY SINGLE DAY at He’s been one of my heroes and idols forever, and I’m just so honored that he agreed to join us for what may be the most informative and inspiring interview I’ve done on FTN to date. I’m tremendously thankful to Seth for his time, energy, and passion that you’ll no doubt hear from the first second of this interview to the last. Do enjoy!

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In this episode, Peter and Seth discuss:

  • How Peter and Seth first met (03:16)
  • Seth’s story (05:00)
  • Narrative about ADHD – Hunters vs Farmers (06:55)
  • Diagnosing kids and society that favors being the same (09:44)
  • The concept of Big T and Little T (12:19)
  • Elimination of choice (16:33)
  • Shame around having ADHD (17:20)
  • Seth’s daily rituals (19:02)
  • Triggers and will power (20:56)
  • Advice for those who don’t think they can change their lives (24:23)


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  1. Terry Matlen, ACSW

    Wow. This was one of the best podcasts I’ve listened to on ADHD, and I’ve listened to a LOT. Thanks, Seth, for sharing your pearls of wisdom and thanks to both of you for being so open about your ADHD. I love hearing about the positives and how you both found ways to make your ADHD work *for* you.

  2. Jake Reisdorff

    This is great! Thank you for putting this out there, and for creating this site!

  3. Ryan Dupuis

    I really enjoyed this podcast. Thank you Peter for the work that you do. You have made a positive difference in my life already. Regards.

  4. Erica Brooke Stern

    Thank you, Peter and Faster Than Normal family – I’m so blessed to be part of it 🙂

  5. Jeff Hughes

    Peter – I’ve been learning so much listening to this podcast; however, as you said, this interview with Seth Godin is a cut above the rest (listened to it 3 times so far). I’ve read some of Seth’s works and I’ve been reading his blog for years. I would like to go deeper into what Seth during this interview. Do you know of a particular book (he has so many) or an article where I could learn more about the hunter/farmer distinction and his strategies for being so successful with ADHD. Thanks for this interview and for this fantastic podcast. Jeff

  6. Steven White

    You have SETH GODIN on here too?? What the hell, that is amazing.

  7. Marissa Harrison

    I’m only 9:34 into this Podcast and it’s EPIC! The magic for me at 9 min 34 seconds was…”even if you’re 50.” I will 50 on March 28th and I’m scared shitless. Of what? Failure. Parenting. Aging. Our broken education system. My marriage. The Megalomaniac about to be Leader of the Free World — too many choices. Peter, I’d love to meet you some day. I subscribe to your podcast, I’ve watched your FB Livestream. I voraciously consume your content and I’m considering your course, caveats abound. I found out about you from a great course called Lifehack Bootcamp, a productivity intensive, 8 week virtual course – highly recommended. However, for much longer, I’ve WORSHIPED Seth Godin, as a human being, a professional and a visionary. Seth is unique. Several years ago when I was launching a dog product subscription business, at 46, with no domain knowledge and lackluster “street creds” (sold only 1 company, no MBA, don’t own a plane, etc.,) Seth made an email introduction that was priceless to me, expecting nothing in return. I could go on forever, but I’ll try not to. My great friend and colleague, one of the smartest people I know, gave me this mantra years ago, “Marissa, always leave em wanting less.” Thank you for your work.

  8. Susie Hopkins

    There’s a lot I love about this conversation but for me what it misses is an understanding that the challenging symptoms of ADHD can be a LOT more severe for some than for others. And designing a life for yourself is all very well if you have understanding and means. There’s a real peace missing here about privilege. Seth touched on it, thanks Seth, in terms of the damage done by the ‘system’ and families… But what about women???? If you’re a mother, not to mention a sole parent, you can’t opt-out of having to function in a certain way with the mental load we have. I am designing a life and am an entrepreneur, fear is not holding me back, I’m on a mission! But I only found out I have ADHD a year ago. All the meditation, exercise, good sleep, supplements and positive self-image didn’t come close to enabling me to function as I do now that I’m on meds. At 48, my memory got so bad (exacerbated by hormonal changes even though I’m nowhere near menopause – hormonal changes occur for up to 10 years prior) I was forgetting to close the front door, missing appointments, leaving the hot plate on, leaving meat in my handbag (I know right, so gross) EVERY SINGLE DAY! Now it’s about once a week that I do something that concerning. While I too believe wholeheartedly that there are benefits to ADHD, to be able to realise them, is an absolute privilege and potluck in terms of how severe your symptoms are and how supportive your situation is growing up and in this moment. I’d LOVE to be a guest on your podcast one day to discuss this and more, I love what you do… But I hope you can see my point. Susie



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