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The #1 ADHD podcast on iTunes, hosted by

Flipping it up: Host on the Hotseat!

by Faster Than Normal

Peter ShankmanAs a welcome to all our new listeners who found us from our wonderful interview last week with Seth Godin, I thought it might be a good time to flip it up a bit, and let you learn a little more about me, your host. For the past six months, I’ve been interviewing successful people with ADHD every day, but very few of you know my story. Perhaps now is the right time to change that.

Also, I’d like to put out a request: If you know of anyone who you think would make a great guest for future episodes of Faster Than Normal, I’d love to meet them! You can have them reach out to me at here on the contact page – Or send me their info, and I’ll reach out to them directly. We’re always looking for people with passionate, positive ADHD stories to tell – how ADHD helped improve their lives, and take them to the next level. Remember: ADHD is a gift, not a curse. PS: Extra bonus points if the person you know has some kind of celebrity status or following. It’s truly amazing how many publicists don’t understand the value of putting their clients on podcasts – Especially podcasts like this one. So let’s change that conversation!

Anyway, here’s me – open, honest, and raw. Hope you enjoy it, hope it’s useful, and as always, thank you for listening.

In this episode, David and Peter discuss:

  • David tells his story (02:04)
  • The benefits of having ADHD (03:41)
  • Dealing with a thousand of ideas going on at once (05:34)
  • Growing up feeling different (07:28)
  • Advice to your younger self (11:18)
  • When Peter realized he has a super power (12:12)
  • Dealing with too many choices (14:02)
  • Peter’s Central Park story (15:45)
  • Addiction to exercise (17:47)
  • Being a parent with ADD/ADHD (21:33)
  • Things Peter still struggles with (23:25)


As always, leave us a comment below, drop us a review on iTunes (PLEASE!) and of course, subscribe to the podcast if you haven’t already! Know of anyone you think should be on the FTN podcast? Shoot us a note – We’d love to hear!


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