The #1 ADHD podcast

on iTunes, hosted by

The #1 ADHD podcast on iTunes, hosted by

Founder of Fast Braiin, with Jim Poole MD

by Faster Than Normal

Meet Dr. Jim Poole. He’s this week’s guest, and he runs a wonderful company called FastBraiin, which has centers around the country that focus on helping children, students, and parents understand that ADHD is a gift, not a curse. (Sort of like a walk-in version of this podcast!)

The best part about FastBraiin? It’s deliberately misspelled, because Jim has ADHD and mistyped the domain when he bought it. I love that. Enjoy!

In this episode, Peter and Jim discuss:

  • Jim’s story (01:16)
  • Different types of patients (04:13)
  • The McDonald’s syndrome (05:47)
  • Protein for breakfast (07:28)
  • Meditation and kids (09:56)
  • Tips for parents (11:30)
  • Watching TV (13:38)


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