The #1 ADHD podcast

on iTunes, hosted by

The #1 ADHD podcast on iTunes, hosted by

"The ADHD Oprah of China," with Dominic Johnson-Hill

by Faster Than Normal

Dominic Johnson-HillIf I can’t get the real Oprah on FTN, the next best thing is the “Oprah of China,” Dominic Johnson-Hill. Meet this week’s guest, and learn how he went from growing up having a truly awful fear of failure and hating everything about school, to learning to channel his ADHD into his work and projects, allowing him to become the most successful t-shirt entrepreneur in China!

We’ve all been there – On this episode, Dominic talks about how his quest for continued excitement led him to leave home and settle in China – completely by himself. His success has come from him using his ADHD to come up with and implement those ideas everyone else thinks are crazy – until they work.

It’s funny – The more ADHD people we have on the podcast, the more we find that we’re all similar – We are all discovering our superpowers, one day at a time, just like Dominic, just like me, just like you.

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In this episode, Peter and Dominic discuss:

  • Dominic’s story (01:57)
  • Schools and teachers (06:02)
  • Being competitive (06:37)
  • Seeking excitement (08:04)
  • Seeing the future (09:20)
  • Regrets (11:52)
  • About the t-shirt company plastered (13:19)
  • Not knowing how to say no (17:22)


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