The #1 ADHD podcast

on iTunes, hosted by

The #1 ADHD podcast on iTunes, hosted by

The One Where OCD meets ADHD, with Josh Verne

by Faster Than Normal

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So whenever I talk about taking ADHD meds, I call it my “expense report medication.” That is, if I’m forced to take medication, it’s only for things that truly won’t get done otherwise – I don’t take Concerta all the time, usually rarely. But occasionally, it’s needed, for those things people with ADHD just simply don’t want to do. Like expense reports. Or benefits forms. Or claims forms.

That’s why this week is a special treat for us: Josh Verne has founded multiple companies, and as always, comes from a place where he realized that what he has is a gift, not a curse.We’re going to find out how all of these things can be done, with ADHD, by talking this week, not to someone with ADHD, but with OCD. We’re going to find out how Josh uses his OCD to do some of the things that we couldn’t imagine doing – And the best part? Josh’s secret lies in two things: His outlook on life, and enjoying what he does. You know who else that works for? Us!! Enjoy this interview. You’re going to like it.

In this episode, Peter and Josh discuss:

  • Josh’s story and OCD (02:06)
  • Negative vs positive outlook (04:28)
  • Having devices automate mundane tasks (06:59)
  • Running an employee benefits company (08:48)
  • Meetings (10:53)
  • The challenge with having to always finish a task (12:03)
  • Enjoying what you do (13:01)
  • Relaxation (14:14)
  • Success secrets (15:03)
  • Boxing (15:43)


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