The #1 ADHD podcast

on iTunes, hosted by

The #1 ADHD podcast on iTunes, hosted by

ADHD Nation, with author Alan Schwarz

by Faster Than Normal

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alan-schwarz-author-photoADHD Nation is currently THE hot book to read in the ADHD world. I’ve read it, and it’s a very worthwhile read. I was fortunate to get the author, Alan Schwartz, on the FTN Podcast to discuss the book, his research, and give us his take on ADHD and the pharmaceutical industry.

Don’t worry, I’m not going off on a “don’t take medication ever!” rant. As you know, I’m not anti-medication. But I do believe that throwing our children (or even our adults) on ADHD medication simply because they’re not acting like everyone else is a mistake, and medication should be a last resort, not a first strike.

I believe that if I were on medication as a kid, my creativity wouldn’t have been anywhere near as strong, and I doubt I would be where I am now, in any capacity, from my personal life to my professional life. I believe that by not taking medication, I was able to channel the benefits of my ADHD and truly thrive.

Take a listen. This is one of the more serious subjects we’ve discussed on FTN. As always, I welcome your feedback below. Enjoy the podcast!

In this episode, Peter and Alan discuss:

  • Alan’s story (01:21)
  • Pitfalls of the education system (03:02)
  • Roles of teachers (06:14)
  • Evolution and the human brain (07:30)
  • Driving force behind quick diagnosis (09:22)
  • The better way (11:47)
  • Older patients (15:57)
  • The temptation of medication (18:02)
  • Exercise (19:54)


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  1. Jessica

    I recently discovered the FTN podcast and have been obsessively listening to all the past episodes, enjoying them very much. Though I relate to some guests more than others, I have appreciated that you’re committed to featuring highly successful people who leverage their faster-than-normal brain. Until this episode.

    While Alan is an extraordinary journalist and has undoubtedly written a compelling expose on the over-diagnosis and overuse of meds; this interview was an unwelcome deviation from the theme of the show: the gift of ADHD. He was the first interview with someone who themselves isn’t gifted with the disorder (or a similar FTN brain condition) and he seemed generally indignant and derogatory about the condition; minimizing trained physician diagnoses as subjective “matter of opinion.”

    Regardless of the veracity of his claims, the tone of the interview and his message were a familiar, judgmental, skepticism that I, and probably most of your listeners, have suffered many, many times. And it was a far cry from the inspiration and validation that I listen for. Please bring back the positive! There are plenty of pulpits Alan can bash big pharma from and very few that uplift those of us with FTN brains.


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