The #1 ADHD podcast

on iTunes, hosted by

The #1 ADHD podcast on iTunes, hosted by

Real Talk on Being Married to ADHD, with Scott Jordan of the SCOTTEVEST

by Faster Than Normal

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This week’s guest is Scott Jordan, founder of the wildly popular SCOTTEVEST line of clothing! (Full disclosure, I’m on Scott’s board, and he’s a personal friend.)

Scott is known for many things, but “holding back” isn’t one of them. In this episode, Scott talks about his lovely better half, Laura, manages her ADHD. He doesn’t pull punches, he talks about the positives and negatives. You might get angry, you might agree – But you’ll definitely learn something, from what’s probably the most controversial FTN interview ever!

In this episode, Peter and Scott discuss:

  • Scott’s story (02:42)
  • Spouse with ADHD (04:00)
  • Marrying a complete opposite (05:07)
  • Avoiding conflict (07:42)
  • Forgetfulness (09:46)
  • ADHD and intelligence (10:44)
  • Certified crazy (11:43)
  • Medication (12:49)
  • How to deal with a spouse with ADHD (15:39)
  • Introverts (17:37)
  • Tips for someone married to a spouse with ADHD (19:27)


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  1. Lisa

    Hey Peter! Just discovered your podcast this week (a little late to the party) and finding it interesting so far.

    I would be interested in hearing his wife Laura’s perspective on marriage and medication to get a broader picture, if you could get her on the podcast.

    I was a little shocked by this episode on being married to someone with ADHD with Scott Jordan. Mainly, his take on medication being the blanket solution to his wife’s challenges and marriage challenges. Sounds like (speculation) getting her medicated solved his issues with the “problems” she had. Her unmedicated is “not someone I’d want to live with on a long-term basis?” I get that medication is helpful in many ways, but I think we still need to seek out additional ways to manage the traits and relationships. I sense you tried to get this out of him on the podcast with your questions.

    And I think when he says he didn’t understand her in their first years of marriage that was likely a large part due to his own lack of understanding and also their personality differences (ENTJ/INTJ), not just her ADHD. Again, speculation.

    Maybe you could do another episode on being married to someone with ADHD, with both partners’ perspectives. Hopefully, we hear from Laura at some point! Also, would love to see some more ladies represented on your podcast, as it seems ADHD sometimes manifests a bit differently in females than it does in males (inattentive types vs hyperactive).


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