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The #1 ADHD podcast on iTunes, hosted by

My Best Friend is "Do Not Disturb," with Emma Havighorst

by Faster Than Normal

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OK… Brace yourself here for some seriously massive overachieving…

Our guest this week… Well, (taking a deep breath,) is a marketing major at Fordham University’s Gabelli School of Business. She received the Woolworth Award for her academic achievements as well as an award commending her working group for its business plan and presentation. When she’s not studying, she works as an MTV Campus Ambassador for the Founders franchise, and is a Guest Writer for freshman-oriented online publication Fresh U.

Oh, did I mention that Emma Havighorst is only EIGHTEEN YEARS OLD? Yeah. Took me a second to process that, too.

Emma has actually never formally been diagnosed with ADHD, yet she set my “ADHD-dar” off the first time I read one of her tweets. You’ll see why as you listen to this interview – She’s got such a sharp grasp of time management, along with an uncanny ability to understand what’s important now, vs. what’s important not now. She’s truly inspiring.

Parents, this is definitely an episode to share with your kids. As I interviewed her, I was reminded of another guest we had on several months ago, Rachel Cotton, a PhD out of Harvard. Both well aware of their gifts and what to do to make sure they’re using them to the best of their ability to live the best lives possible.

The Faster Than Normal brain, guys. It never ceases to amaze me.

Enjoy the episode!

In this episode, Peter and Emma discuss:

  • Emma’s back story (03:06)
  • Time management (04:59)
  • Color coding (09:04)
  • Growing up in a digital environment (11:16)
  • Disconnecting (13:11)
  • Ability to focus (17:13)


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