The #1 ADHD podcast

on iTunes, hosted by

The #1 ADHD podcast on iTunes, hosted by

Perfection is a fault, with guest Benny Lewis

by Faster Than Normal

Benny Lewis is a linguist, the founder of Fluent in Three Months, an international best-selling book of the same title, and a series of language courses, been awarded the title of National Geographic’s Traveler of the Year, and he speaks almost a dozen languages in varying degrees between mastery and quite well. All of this is despite being a weak student of languages in school, and actually studying electronic engineering and only being able to speak English in his early 20s.

He makes it his mission to inspire as many people as he can that anyone can learn a language, at any age, from anywhere in the world.

And yeah. He’s an ADHD dream. Enjoy the episode!

In this episode, Peter and Benny discuss:

  • Linguistics (02:06)
  • Attention currency (02:36)
  • Different ways of learning (04:41)
  • Perfectionism (06:14)
  • Forget rules (07:44)
  • Lack of patience (08:33)
  • Space repetition system (09:23)
  • Switching gears (10:52)
  • Tips to stay in control (12:16)
  • A bonus tip (14:51)


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  1. David Roa

    Benny! Really??
    I guess it makes sense since he has all those shortcuts and hacks. I’ve follow him for years, I’ve used his techniques to improve my English, to learn Portuguese and to survive with some french while staying 3 months in Paris. Always wanted to grab coffee with him when I was in Valencia, hope he comes to Medellin before I leave.

    Thank you for this podcast Peter, very motivating.


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