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The #1 ADHD podcast on iTunes, hosted by

FTN 063: I'M ON A BOAT! With Norwegian Cruise Line CEO Andy Stewart

by Faster Than Normal

Andy Stuart – President and COO
Norwegian Cruise Line

Ever go on a cruise? For someone like me, with massive ADHD, it’s awesome – Ooh! The water slide! Ooh! video games! Ooh! Ice cream! Ooh! The ocean! Stars! The horn!

You get the idea.

But did you ever think what it was like to RUN a cruise company? That’s where this week’s guest comes in – Andy Stuart is President and Chief Executive Officer of Norwegian Cruise Line, appointed to this position in September 2016. In this role, he is responsible for ensuring that Norwegian excels in every facet and that the company continues to produce industry leading financial results, while bringing new ideas and ways of doing business that improve guest satisfaction and team member involvement. A 28-year company veteran, Stuart has been instrumental in building the Norwegian brand and strengthening relationships with travel partners.

In other words, Andy runs the entire NCL brand, yet still manages to have dinner with his family, exercise, and yes, be a million places at once.

This is another quick interview, and you’re going to like it. He gives some seriously actionable tips that you can implement today to help you grow, whether you run a business, or are just learning to harness this wonderful gift we have.


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Show Specifics:

  • Have a plan for the day and execute it. (10:15)
  • Finish one thing before starting another (10:45)
  • Don’t leap to the distraction (12:00)
  • Block time that won’t get filled to relax/regroup (12:30
  • Be flexible (13:13)
  • Get a group of people to think differently as a group (17:13)
  • ALLOCATE TIME (23:16)
  • Top five apps: 24:22

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  1. David Roa

    Great podcast, I see how busy people have an assistant to help them organize their day or week. Any recommendations on how can I get organize easier with an app or a organizer template?


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