The #1 ADHD podcast

on iTunes, hosted by

The #1 ADHD podcast on iTunes, hosted by

FTN 72: A Re-Introduction - With Special Guest, well, Me!

by Faster Than Normal

So the Faster Than Normal book came out last week, debuting at #1 in multiple categories on Amazon! With that, I want to welcome a TON of new listeners to the FTN Podcast! And I figured, what better way to do that than do to a quick podcast live from a rest stop on the New Jersey Turnpike! Yeah, I’m serious. I want to introduce our new listeners (and reintroduce our current listeners) to the podcast, to me, and to what we stand for.

For those just joining us, welcome to the fight, and welcome to a new way of life!

Our regular episodes with brilliant people will be back next week. In the meantime, enjoy this quick one!

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  1. Sue

    Thank you for this. I’m about to launch a new business and I found myself on yet again other potential business rabbit trail and while hyper focus makes me successful rabbit trails derail the success that hyper focus bought me. This podcast just helped me to say “Not now. If it’s meant to be it’ll come around again” and so now I’m back in track.

    Thank you.



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