The #1 ADHD podcast

on iTunes, hosted by

The #1 ADHD podcast on iTunes, hosted by

FTN 81: ADHD Jukebox, with Guest Tim Fargo

by Faster Than Normal

Welcome to another episode of Faster Than Normal! I’m thrilled, as always, that you’re joining us!

This week’s episode is supported by FitKit. FitKit offers a number of different wellness products for both mind and body that make healthy living easy. I love their products and use them, especially when traveling. All of the kits are portable and packable, fit right in a carry on and most come with bands and tubes, a jump rope, 250 exercises and other great tools and resources. So, no excuses! Especially when it includes a 6 week nutrition and fitness plan as well as 24/7 email access to their dietitians and trainers to ask all your burning questions. All the kits range in price from $10-$40 but if you use the code FTN, you get 20% during the month of January. Whichever kit you chose, you can take comfort in knowing they have been created by fitness, nutrition and wellness experts with the sole purpose helping you get healthy and fit. Not only are the FitKits great for individuals, but every organization should get these for their employees or clients. Each Kit can be fully branded with your logo, they offer volume pricing and starting at just $4, there is a FitKit for every budget. Companies like Keurig, Marriott, Dell New York Presbyterian Hospital among others have branded the FitKit products as a creative way to encourage health while at the same time promoting their brand. Win – Win. The best part….people love receiving them! You can get more information at Check them out. I love them.

Now then – Welcome to Tim Fargo, this week’s FTN guest! Tim has one of the shortest bios known to man, which essentially says “started a company. Went bankrupt. Started another one. Sold it for $20mm. Now run Social Jukebox.”

That’s it. Obviously, I think there’s a little more to the man than that, and you’ll hear about it on this interview. And it’s a good one. Got kids who have ever failed? You ever failed? This is the episode for you.

And of course, Tim is massively ADHD. We knew that from his bio, though.


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  1. Andrew Rommelfanger

    “Don’t get cocky, kid”

    That’s my mantra these days. I find myself getting cocky all the time, but I’ve been getting better at self talk. How do you prepare for having things, when I don’t have many things right now?

    I tend to future trip a little more often than I’d like to, but honestly it’s more out of safety and risk management rather than day dreams. I come from a very wealthy background, but my “bi-polar” “adhd” “addiction” has thrown me through quite the journey. I don’t regret this journey, but I don’t exactly find it easy to write about my hardships as a 27 year old blonde white male who has probably the best family life you could ask for. I’m not complaining about my up bringing, I just find it hard to connect with people online with my comparable stale demographic. I write my own blog; not many people look at it.

    To be honest all I need is one person to connect with me. I need that favorite or like in order to motivate myself.

    I get a “crazy” amount of flack from my family and friends about my social media because I have some crazy ideas and ways to do it. I guess all I’m saying is that I need someone to mentor me on the art of getting my brand out there without blowing myself out of the water.

    I can help people with my words. I’m confident in that. I need someone to believe in me. That’s all. I need that gatekeeper with that key! Not asking, just tossing more vibes out into that universe.

    p.s. did your mentor tell you to wax on wax off on that cat puke?

    P.p.s. <? Sometimes I don’t know the correct things, Tim Fargo is awesome, been following him for years.


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