The #1 ADHD podcast

on iTunes, hosted by

The #1 ADHD podcast on iTunes, hosted by

Founder of the ADHD Nerd Website, Ryan McRae

by Faster Than Normal

Ryan McRaeThe “ADHD Nerd” joins us today on this episode of FTN. We’ve got a super-fun guest today, Ryan McRae, who runs the ADHD Nerd website! You think you’ve done some funny things to handle your ADHD? Well, I doubt you ever woke up and thought, “today is a good day to move to Afghanistan!” Listen up, you’ll like this one. As always, leave us a comment below, drop us a review on iTunes (PLEASE!) and of course, subscribe to the podcast if you haven’t already!

In this episode, Peter and Ryan discuss:

  • What caused Ryan to move to Afghanistan
  • How Ryan dialed in his ADHD to succeed at his job
  • How some people are built for order and some people are built for chaos
  • Fun ways of teaching
  • Tips for packing and travel (Big one for those in the business world!)
  • Peter’s technique for getting ready for the gym in the mornings
  • Peter’s take on watching TV
  • Routines & rituals
  • Preservation techniques and a the secret clause Peter has added into his speaking contracts
  • Thoughts on Crossfit & board games



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  1. Tate Garner

    One of the biggest aha moments! I was so stressed I took the first option, which has held me in a rough financial situation. IT ALL MAKES SENSE!!!!!!!! GAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHTHANKYOUSOMUCH!!!!!! This podcast has been the closest to me out of the first 10. Praise! Thank you!


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