The #1 ADHD podcast

on iTunes, hosted by

The #1 ADHD podcast on iTunes, hosted by

Get Up! Talking ADHD & Good Mental Health w/ Rockstars Shinedown

by Faster Than Normal

I have been listening to our guests for well more than a decade! They have been part of my playlist since the summer of 2006 when their music helped me run the NYC Marathon faster than I ever had before. You surely know their music too, even if you’ve never heard the name Shinedown! Their song “Get Up” is the most inspiring, straight to the point, song I’ve ever heard that challenges the stigmas of talking honestly about mental health. They are some of the hardest working Artists in the world, so I was honored when they agreed to spend some time with us here today, helping to grow & inspire more honest conversations about mental health. Shinedown is a multi-platinum rock band. The song “GET UP” is from their latest album “ATTENTION ATTENTION?”

In this episode Peter, Brent and Eric discuss:

1:08-  Intro and welcome Brent Smith and Eric Bass!

2:00-  After 136 shows spanning 48,000 miles, you guys were labeled The Hardest Working Artists of 2018! That’s a ton of work & a healthy mantle! How do you make sure that you are taking care of yourselves mentally?

5:37-  On loving what you do & being driven

6:10-  On the importance of surrounding yourself with good people & a good support system

9:49-  Brent, you wrote “Get Up” for Eric. The majority of folks don’t know how to talk to a friend who is, or might be struggling. What did you learn from writing this song?

14:08-  “You are not going to be defined by your failures. You are going to be defined by the fact that you refuse to give up- no matter what” -Brent Smith

16:05-  Peter on the importance of Music, and how music will pull you through  ref: “I Dare You  ref:  Peter gets arrested for exercising, makes news.

18:24-  What is it about music, not books, movies, tv, etc, but music that people always credit with bringing them through a rough spell, or helping them remember a moment in time, etc. Why?

20:52-  Talk to me about the stigma around mental health. Finally there is a solid movement- between you guys, people like Erik Kussin who have started, etc. What can people do to help grow the national/international conversation about mental health? ref:  Erik Kussin’s FTN interview here #SameHere

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27:02-  Faster Than Normal Podcast info & credits

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  1. Sabrina Wilhelm

    This warms my heart! Through interviews and Facebook live streams it has sounded like there was neurodiversity but this is the first time I recall Eric saying ADHD. Welcome to our tribe!

  2. Nanette Schwartz

    Great interview..

  3. Makayla Kimball

    I’m not going to lie, I paid no attention to your list and links to listen to regarding this song. I saw a header on Goggle about this song and felt impelled to comment.

    I am a mother of 5 adult children. 3 suffer serious addiction issues. I dedicate this song to them frequently as it is so uplifting and powerful.

    I myself, am currently medicated for ADHD, OCD, anxiety and have had my own addiction issues. This song helps refocus me on what I need to do to do “the next right thing” when I lose focus.

    If ever I had the chance, I would so humbly thank this band, these men, for truly stepping out of the box and helping so many more people than they realize and probably make them some kick ass chicken alfredo while I was at it!

    May you always be blessed as you have blessed mine and my own!


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