Heard of Wunderlist yet? It’s a simple list program, where you can store whatever you’d like – ideas, thoughts, blog post concepts, things to do, you name it. This past week in Asia, it’s been saving my life on numerous occasions, and no doubt it will for the remaining 24 hours I’m here.

See, I was invited to spend the week with Huawei, a global telecommunications and infrastructure company with presence in over 100 countries. But the problem with spending four days at a company like Huawei is two-fold – 1) Every single thing they make is shiny and attention-driving, and 2) ideas for future content flies out so fast that I don’t even remotely know how to grab them before they’re gone, replaced by another bright and shiny idea!

Enter Wunderlist. I spent the past few days walking around with the new Huawei P9 phone, and the first thing I installed on it when I was still at my hotel was Wunderlist. The instant an idea came into my head, it went into a specific folder on Wunderlist. In fact, I kept Wunderlist open with nothing but that folder for the past three days. Now I’ve got over 75 potential blog post titles. When I get back on the plane on Thursday, the first thing I’ll do is open Wunderlist on my Mac (it syncs, of course,) and divide my 75+ titles into six months of working blog posts, then from there, divide it down by month to month.

End result? I didn’t miss a thing, I’ve got tons of new content to produce. All in all, this trip was a runaway success, and I got to brainstorm away, without worrying about missing a thing.

Takeaways: CONSTANTLY have something with which to write. It could be a notebook and pencil, or something like Wunderlist. The beauty of ADHD is that we can process ideas and come up with new ones in a split second. The downside is, we’ve got to constantly keep track. So always have something to help you do that.