Remember the phrase “use the right tool for the job? Well, when you’re ADD/HD, that’s never been more true.

For someone with ADD/HD, tools can be the difference between productivity and a wasted day. For me, I know that I’m able to control my Faster Than Normal brain and use my extra speed to my advantage by using the right tools for the job. Below are my top three.

  1. Six days a week, my day starts super early with a workout, and the best way I’ve found to wake up is by using the Aura Sleep System, part of the WiThings family. Aura lays under my mattress, and figures out the optimal time to wake me up based on my breathing, sleep patterns, even my heartrate. It sounds the wakeup alarm at the optimal time, when I’m just coming out of light REM sleep, allowing me to wake up feeling refreshed, and not tired at all. It really works – I haven’t hit the snooze bar in months. I partner that with the WiThings scale and blood pressure monitor, all three of which track my health. Best part, they all talk to RunKeeper and MyFitnessPal, giving me a full picture of my health. As we all know, what you track, you do.
  2. Wunderlist is a game changer. It’s a beautiful, simple to-do list that syncs across all my devices. Having it on the main screen of my iPhone guarantees that when I think of something, it gets written down.
  3. Finally, I’ve recommended these guys before, but I won’t go anywhere without my RoadID. It’s a simple wristband with my personal health information. If I get knocked out or injured during a run or long bike ride, (or even if I get hit by a bus crossing the street,) my RoadID has a code in it that emergency responders can enter to find out my medical history, medications I’m taking, and emergency contact information for my family. I won’t leave the house without it.

What’s your favorite tool to help manage your ADD/HD? Tell me in the comments, and get  a Faster Than Normal bracelet as soon as they arrive!



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