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The #1 ADHD podcast on iTunes, hosted by

Using Frustration Energy for Strength and Resilience w/ Scott Carney

by Faster Than Normal

Investigative journalist and anthropologist Scott Carney has worked in some of the most dangerous and unlikely corners of the world. His work blends narrative non-fiction with ethnography. What Doesn’t Kill Us was a New York Times bestseller; other works include The Red Market and The Enlightenment Trap. Carney was a contributing editor at Wired for five years and his writing also appears in Mother Jones, Men’s Journal, Playboy, Foreign Policy, Discover, Outside and Fast Company. His work has been the subject of a variety of radio and television programs, including on NPR and National Geographic TV. In 2010, he won the Payne Award for Ethics in Journalism for his story “Meet the Parents,” which tracked an international kidnapping-to-adoption ring. Carney has spent extensive time in South Asia and speaks Hindi. He attended Kenyon College and has a masters degree in anthropology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He currently lives in Denver, CO.  Today we welcome him back on FTN to talk about his new book, the concept of “control”, ask what to do about our reserves of energy from frustrating circumstances, and how to get stronger and stay resilient. Enjoy!


In this episode Peter & Scott discuss:

:57-  Intro & welcome back Scott Carney!  Ref:  What Doesn’t Kill Us  &  The Wedge

2:36-  So what’s the premise of your new book? “The Wedge  Ref:  “the iceman” Wim Hof

4:20-  On the concept of “control”

5:53-  What to do with adrenaline and other chemicals we make when there is no physical output happening.

6:50-  On trying to use out body’s natural resources to fight unnecessary battles

7:00-  On acting/reacting in the moment

8:45-  On how ADHD gives us the general willingness to try new things, and to ask a lot of questions along the way.

9:46-  On saying “I wonder If I could…”

11:52-  On doing things that are uncomfortable  Ref: picture of escalator to gym

12:41-  Why should we challenge ourselves even if we don’t really have to?

15:53-  On kettle bells and challenges

20:32-  Where can we find you and your new book “The Wedge”? 

20:32-  Social Scott:  @SGCarney on Instagram  Twitter  scottcarneyauthor on Facebook. At and via

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STAY HEALTHY – STAY SAFE – STAY HOME.. until next time!

21:21-  Faster Than Normal Podcast info & credits

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