The #1 ADHD podcast

on iTunes, hosted by

The #1 ADHD podcast on iTunes, hosted by

Virtually Navigating the Unknown with Emily Anhalt, PhD

by Faster Than Normal

Dr. Anhalt was one of the first interviews I ever did on Faster Than Normal, and now she’s back! Emily Anhalt, PhD is the founder of a new project called COA, an innovative mental fitness studio that is currently offering free therapist-led workshops on managing work stress from home, how to deal with anxiety, building mental health & mindfulness through routine, how to be a fit leader during this time, and more. We learn her advice for dealing with: anxiety, there being ‘no end in sight’, finding new structure(s), the 3 best pieces of advice Peter has ever received, and all around good mental health. This is a really good one, enjoy!


In this episode Peter & Emily discuss:

1:04-  Intro & welcome back Dr. Emily Anhalt!  Emily’s first interview on FTN is here

3:00-  Everyone’s talking about what happens when/if you get COVID-19 but what happens & what have you been seeing in Mental Health?

4:10-  On being forced into quarantine/not being able to travel

4:49-  We can only exercise so much; what else can we with ADHD/Neurodiverse do to manage?

6:18-  How long can you do a thing?

7:25-  On craving structure

8:00-  How do we deal with having no rules now with regard to “structure” & routine?

9:20-  On structuring break time and the right distractions for us

10:50-  What other trends are you seeing lately in your patients?

11:28-  Tips for dealing with anxiety, aka, ANXIETY!

14:00-  The 3 best pieces of advice that Peter has ever received

14:26-  How is San Fran doing during this quarantine?

15:20-  About institutional transference

16:40-  About how to deal with “no end in sight”

19:23-  Quote ref:  Mark John Clifford episode of 20 Minutes In Lockdown interview 

19:55-  Why are some people so damn hesitant to wear masks?!?!

 20:50-  Thank you Emily! How can people find you?  DrEmilyAnhalt on INSTA  LinkedIN @DrEmilyAnhalt on Twitter

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STAY HEALTHY – STAY SAFE – STAY HOME.. until next time!

21:30-  Faster Than Normal Podcast info & credits

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