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What’s It Like to Love Someone With ADHD?

by Faster Than Normal

Today we’re catching up with Peter en route to Northern Italy where he and his girlfriend Gabriella have recently spent a few days away. We’re allowed a candid peek into their serious relationship, and of course how ADHD plays it’s part too. This is a good and fun one, enjoy! [Editors note]: It is not lost on their sound engineer that G&P are so ‘in the moment’ that the windows of their vehicle remain down during the entirety of this recording. We’d like to say thank you for excusing the wind tunnel background 😉 

In this episode Peter and Gabriella discuss:  

00:45 – Thank you so much for listening and for subscribing!

01:00 – Welcome to my wonderful girlfriend Gabriella Ribeiro!

01:44 – So why don’t you tell us where we are, where we’re heading, and what we just survived?

02:15 – Would you say it’s more the journey or the destination?

04:00 – Why do you think my brain is doing what it’s doing since we’ve been together; the good and the bad?

05:20 – The ADHD trouble w/ wanting the grandest of the very best, always for those you love

06:00 – We hate making mistakes and we assimilate to our surroundings in funny ways..

08:00 – When you have ADHD you’re your own worst critic, but by waaay much more than most. 

09:00 – You can scroll to hear Gabriella’s episode about Iceland’s Evolving Seven Wonders here!  Ref: Gabby’s photo via @theexplorateur on INSTA

10:54 – So, [jokingly], is there anything good about dating someone with ADHD?

11:31 – A little about dopamine hits

12:00 – There is no accurate nor perfect matchmaking system for those of us with ADHD

13:33 – Some honest, important information for you about relationships, dear listener.

15:04 – One of Gabriella’s greatest, if not most important moments with Peter

15:54 – One of the problems with ADHD, that we’re trying really really hard to change is…

17:00 – How not to break-up in the Frankfurt airport

17:40 – A short story on ‘using your words’

19:26 – Gabby, what advice do you have for anyone listening to this podcast who’s dating, or about to date some with ADHD?

20:45 – How can people find more about you? 

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21:15 – Where are we going anyway? En route to Monterosso

21:16 – On trust

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TRANSCRIPT via Descript and then corrected.. somewhat: 

Hello everyone Peter Shankman and welcome to another episode of Faster Than Normal. This one is interesting. I am recording this live from, um, a car, uh, in, uh, just outside Milan Italy, where I landed about feels like about three hours ago cause we. Uh, for two hours through immigration? No, it wasn’t two hours felt like it, but, um, I wanted to have, I, I wanted this interview for a while. This is gonna be an interview with me and my wonderful girlfriend, Gabriella Ribeiro um, Gabby and I have been together now about three years. And, um, I don’t know why I have no idea why she, why she continues to, to, to, to stay with me. Um, but she has, she has watched and, and, and in some cases, been a victim of my ADHD for the longest time and, um, I’m very fortunate that she’s still here, but I thought it’d be interesting to talk to her and ask her no holds barred, sort of what it’s like to, um, uh, love someone with the level of, of, of ADHD that I have. So Gabby welcome. 

[00:01:42] Gabriella: Thank you. Good to be here. 

[00:01:44] Peter: So why don’t you tell us where we are and, and where we’re heading and, and what we just survived? 

[00:01:49] Gabriella: Oh, we survived a minor line, but to you, it was a big deal. And I understand 

[00:01:53] Peter: it wasn’t a minor line. It wasn’t, it wasn’t so much, that was a line. It was a line that kept, uh, we we’d be waiting in line. And then for some reason, 20 people would pass us cuz they were directed by someone else to go there. That’s the part that frustrated me.

[00:02:07] Gabriella: I understand that, but we pushed our way through. So actually we’re going hiking for two days in Italy and that’s kind of what we do, you know, we, we go on these short trips and that I think is, is what helps ground you. To talk about ADHD? I think that’s one of the core things that I notice about you is that even though we’re always on the move, you feel most grounded when we are actually are en route. 

[00:02:26] Peter: I think a lot of that has to do with, well, the airplane, obviously being on a plane, you know, the, the, the place where you’re most confined is really the most freeing for a lot of people. I think the, one of the things that you and I have in common is that we both enjoy the journey. The journey is the destination. As much as the destination is. You know, eight hours on a flight to, to Italy for two days of hiking. Most people think it’s crazy, but it’s perfect for us. It, it keeps us, uh, not only grounded, but it, it, it resets us. It resets us, resets our brain. Now that being said, travel, uh, is a huge part of your life. It’s what you do for a living as well. Um, but it’s also, you know, a huge part of what we do and we, how much we enjoy it and, and really, um, embrace, uh, the world as our playground. For lack of a better word. Now, there are times I think, and she’s she has, she’s laughing her ass off about this, but there are times when, when, um, for whatever reason, the, the, uh, travel goes awry or we wind up in certain situations. And I think one of the things that I’ve learned most from you is I don’t have to control everything. You know, everyone I’ve traveled with previously, I, I was in charge, right. I was telling where we’re going here, we’re going this, we’re doing that. And what I’ve learned is that when you’re with someone who actually also knows what they’re doing, it’s okay to relinquish control. And I, I love that you’re just, you’re just it hysterics over here, cuz I’m sure you’re thinking of many of those stories. So, so, you know, sh shared not only some of the funny stories, but also, um, sort of why you think my brain works the way it does when, when I sort of in the past have had that need to sort of take control for good or for bad.

[00:04:08] Gabriella: Well, I think you’ve allowed yourself, like, you know, to, to enjoy and to be happy. I think, you know, and that’s, that’s a huge part and I think you’ve allowed, you’ve seen what can happen when somebody, when you trust somebody, maybe that’s what it is. Maybe you trust me, maybe you trust, I don’t know, expertise in, in what I do for a living, that kind of thing, but that’s a huge thing. And I think that, you know, maybe it’s part of your ADHD, but I don’t think you trust easily. I think it takes a while. It took a while maybe for us to, and I think when you start to see things unfold the right way and you actually let yourself enjoy them, even if you didn’t control them, you start to see things in a different way. That’s what I think. But I think also one of the things I love most about you is that you always want things to be perfect for me. And sometimes things just, it, it’s not even that they will be perfect for me, but in your eyes, they’re not the perfect that you envision, whether we’re getting lost in an airport or you’re leading me out of security and back in, cause you’re insisting, you know, one way and I actually know the other, but I don’t fight with you. I just kind of let you do your thing. But I, I think it’s, I think that’s part of, of the way that your head works is that, you know, you, you have this design in your head and you want it to be like that, but you want it to be like that for me, most importantly, which is amazing, but I think it’s, um, you know, sometimes. Have to just let things be, you know, there’s air perfect. 

[00:05:24] Peter: There’s definitely an ADHD factor there in that we do. When you have ADHD, you want the grandest of grand, right? You want that, you know, and that, and that’s one of the biggest problems is, is, you know, a random Tuesday could be the most incredible experience you’ve ever had when someone, you know, something shows up at your home or whatever, but it, it also. Um, it, it, you have to fight that sort of how to let other people take control sometimes .The incident she’s referring to, we were in Frankfurt airport and, um, I was totally sure I knew the way to get to the lounge, uh, waiting for our connection. And it turns out I took us out of security. Then we had another 45 minute, wait to get back into security. And then I was just angry, but the irony was, I was angry at myself, right. I was angry at myself because I screwed up and I made the mistake and I hate that. Right. And, and of course I took it out on you. Um, but you know, it was one of those that was a learning moment for me. Like today we spent 45 minutes in line trying to get through immigration. And I just didn’t say anything. I let you control it. I let you direct it. And we were there and eventually I wound up cursing at a cop, I think, in, in Italian, but, or Spanish, Spanish, whatever. Japanese, but that’s one of the interesting things is also is that when you do travel with someone who’s ADHD, they wanna immerse themselves in every aspect of where they are. Um, but their brains don’t work as fast. So it is not uncommon to to see me go into a country and start speaking a completely different language than what is in the country. True.

[00:06:48] Gabriella: Uh, true. And I think it’s, it’s part of like, I think you wanna impress me, you know, so you’ve got like a. A few like core words that you use no matter where we go, like in Iceland, you’ll say Ola , you know, and that’s, that’s perfectly fine. But I think one of the, you know, I would say, you know, you said you wanted like no holds barred. One of the most frustrating things I think is when you get something wrong and we all do right. Cuz I get things wrong all the time, but you get really mad at me when you get something wrong. And I you’ve said that that’s an ADHD thing. I don’t know. I think we, you know, it’s, it’s been a, I. wouldn’t say a challenge, but you know, it’s something I’ve had to understand about you. I’ve had to come to understand. And I think it’s, it’s okay. You know, we all deal with it in different ways, but I noticed that that is a recurring, recurring thing.

[00:07:33] Peter: Like I’ve been working on it.

[00:07:34] Gabriella: You have been, that’s what I’m saying, you know, you definitely have, but I do see, you know, it’s, I, I see yourself frustration and something that is, is totally okay. On my side. 

[00:07:46] Peter: One of the interesting things, I mean, there’s a reason for that .When you’re, when you are ADHD, you know, you do, like you said earlier, you’re doing everything to be perfect. And when things aren’t perfect because of something I’ve done, right. Because of a mistake I’ve made, I am my own worst critic by everyone is, but when you’re heavy ADHD, you’re your own worst critic by a fact of a million. Right. So you’re sitting there and I’m like, okay. The one thing I had to do, I managed to screw up and I’ve ruined the whole, in my mind, the whole vacation’s ruined,

[00:08:09] Gabriella: but it’s really not.

[00:08:11] Peter: I, well, it’s obviously not, but you know, in my mind, I didn’t get this one thing right, now we have to wait 45 minutes to go through security again, I’m the worst. I’m terrible. She’s gonna leave me. This whole thing. Right. And, and, and I think to. compensate or to make up for that. I just get angry. And, and unfortunately the person I direct the anger at is, is the person closest to me, which would be you. Um, it’s obviously not, I’m obviously not angry at you for my mistake, you know, , I do remember thinking, uh, as we’re waiting online to go back into security and in Frankfurt a couple years ago, I’m like, why didn’t she stop me? This is totally her fault. Why didn’t she stop? Totally. And, and the thing was you tried to, but then I’m like, no, I know where we’re going. So you didn’t really have a choice in the matter. Um, you know, and it’s, I think it’s also the, the, there is that aspect of wanting to impress the person that you love. Um, and when it doesn’t work for whatever reason. Um, you, you, you, you, the ADHD sort of takes over, um, I’m remembering Iceland. Um, we had a chance to see the Northern lights you have understand in Iceland, they wake you up at one in the morning with like some alarm, like, like, like the Nazi’s are coming to like steal the silver and, and, and you, they wake you up in the middle of the night and, and you have to rush out, get your clothes on, rush outside to see the Northern lights which prolly only last for like 12 seconds. And so I, I brought all my camera gear and everything like that, and I go outside and I, I can’t get, I get nothing. I get absolutely just black images of, of black skies, nothing. Gab Pulls out our iPhone, like click and gets this, this like national geographic quality photo. I was so pissed it sucked. Tell, tell me how I handled it. 

[00:09:42] Gabriella: You didn’t handle it well, but it’s okay. You know, I, I know you now. But again, you, you got really mad at me. You said, oh Gab, how nice, lovely shot on your iPhone 12? Or like, something like that. I don’t know what the snarky voice and that’s okay. Cuz, but I think also part of maybe it’s the ADHD, but I think I’ve been seeing you definitely change on this is that sometimes you just have to get away from the phone. You know, use the phone a lot. I, I know that that’s also part of, of being with you. You’re on the phone a lot. Um, a lot of, you know, looking down, I think sometimes you have to let go of things and just enjoy, you know, like we did that. We went to South Africa speaking to travel and you were so in the moment and it was wonderful. You put down the phone, you were stopping taking pictures and watching lions and things like that. Sometimes you have to not always capture it, you know? So I think some of our best moments happen totally off of social media. 

[00:10:36] Peter: What’s something that… And by the way, I went out a couple hours later and tried to get their Northern lights again and totally failed again. Um, 

[00:10:44] Gabriella: oh, and it got mad at me again. Yeah. 

[00:10:46] Peter: what, you know, everyone’s listening to this, like my God, why is she with him? And I, so, so that being said, tell, say, say a good thing about dating someone with ADHD. 

[00:10:54] Gabriella: You asked, I just told you, I think you are so attentive. You want the world for me, you support me. You will give me opportunities. And I think that what I love about you is that you’re just so creative. And I, I grew up with a prankster dad, right? So you spend your days. . Like either pranking me or, you know, you, you won’t let one single day go by without making me smile or laugh. You send me things you think of me. And I think that’s, that’s maybe that’s part of your focus too, is I love that you are so much focused on the relationship and you want it to work. And I, I love that about you.

[00:11:31] Peter: Well, there’s part of, part of ADHD is, is the constant quest for dopamine, right? And, and getting you to laugh or anyone to laugh and specifically the person you love; getting them to laugh is a dopamine hit. I’ll get. dopamine and serotonin adrenaline out of that. And so, so as much as I enjoy doing it for you, cause I know you enjoy it. It’s, it’s a rush for me as well. Um, you know, the, the, one of the first things I remember one of the first pranks I ever played on you is I put, I put a roach on your suitcase. Yeah. Uh, at the airport. I don’t know where we’re going, but mal uh, Maldives, I put a, I put a roach your on your suitcase and, and I just re you know, you don’t realize it’s such a high, right. Watching you, no. 

[00:12:10] Gabriella: oh yeah.. It’s total high. 

[00:12:11] Peter: You, you hated it. But, you know,

[00:12:12] Gabriella: I loved, I loved it actually. And I said, Peter, you make me lose my shit every day. and that is, I would say one of the main reasons why I’m with you.

[00:12:21] Peter: I mean, it’s, it’s not easy dating someone with ADHD without question and look, I mean, at the end of the day, your ADHD can only, only be blamed for so much. You have to take control of, of, of what you’re doing. And I think I’ve, I’ve, I’ve been working on doing that. You know, my social acuity was never as strong to begin with, so I I’ve learned a lot, uh, from you and with you, but there’s definitely, um, I couldn’t, I don’t think I could be with someone who couldn’t accept a practical joke or something like that, just simply for the, the chemical high that gives me. Right. Makes me a better person. I mean, I, I prank you. I’m cracking up for the next six hours. And, and I’m the happiest person in the world, which is what you want. You wanna be with someone like that. So you definitely, you know, when you’re looking to see who you’re gonna date and your ADHD, think about the person who will understand, uh, the way your brain works and understand that, you know, they’re not putting a roach in your bag or a rub. It was a rubber Roach, by the way, I should mention that not putting a rubber Roach in your bag to, uh, to annoy you or to bother you, but because they know if, if they. can make you\ laugh that’s, that’s happiness for them as well. It’s, it’s no different than when I was a kid and I would, I would speak out in class and make the kids laugh and, you know, get in trouble for it. I was trying to get dopamine to learn. 

[00:13:33] Gabriella: I think when you date someone with ADHD, you also have to embrace that. There’s certain things that, that they need to do. And you’ve always told me this, I need this. I need X in order to do Y and you’ve always been very straight up in the, you know, and since the beginning, I need to exercise in order to feel okay to get on a plane. I need to have a half hour to myself playing a game before I can go out to dinner or, you know, whatever it is and you have structure. And I think it’s important that to have a, a partner, I would say, you know, from my vantage point and what you need to, to allow that, you know, and not to make too many demands on things and just say, okay, you know, yes, I know he needs this, or yes, we’re we’re out, but he needs to step away from a crowd for a half an hour. That’s okay. You know, and I think, um, it’s understanding all of that and embracing it that helps make a relationship successful. 

[00:14:24] Peter: Think, I mean, I, I like to think there’s, you know, the, the, the positives outweigh the negatives in that regard. Um, 

[00:14:31] Gabriella: Absolutely! 

[00:14:31] Peter: That, you know, we have, when we’re together, we do have a blast, we have fun and, and we do support each other. I’ve always wanted a partner who would support me and who I could support as well. Um, you know, in life that’s super couple as it were, um, that I think we are. Um, but yeah, I mean, I don’t, I don’t necessarily wish, uh, me on anyone. I think that know . I think that, that, you know, it takes a special person to understand someone with, with the kind of brain that, that, that faster than normal people have.

[00:15:04] Gabriella: Well, one of my greatest moments with you and I’ll show I’m gonna out you. Cause it was just so beautiful is that you, we were, I think we were in London. We went to go see a musical. We went to go see Back to The Future to and something happened where I think you, you, you took my watch charger overnight and I really needed to charge my watch, but you took it and you tried to convince me that my watch was already charged, which it wasn’t, but you needed your watch chargeed, so that’s fine. And then you sort of got on your knees the next day and said, why are you with me? I’m I’m ridiculous. I’m I’m this, like, you were beating yourself up so much, but to me it was just like, we share things. So it was, it was okay, but you, you always are questioning. And I, I, you know, just me to you, I wish that you wouldn’t because to me, I think you’re perfect and we’re perfect. And we, we find our quirks. I think we find the, the beauty in our quirks. I have them too. 

[00:15:54] Peter: One of the problems with ADHD is, and I’m hoping this is one of the things I’m trying to change with the podcast, with the book and everything and my activism is that, um, people with ADHD are told they’re broken for years for their entire life. And it’s when you come across someone who doesn’t see you as broken, but sees you as, um, special and not like short but special, but special. Like, you know, as in, as in wow, this, this guy is really amazing. Um, it’s hard to believe that. Right. And, and you’re sure that every day you’re gonna do something, you know, that is going to, they’re just gonna be like, this is ridiculous. He’s not special. He’s a moron. What the hell am I with him for? Right. And, and despite your protestations, no, I I’m having fun with you. I’m enjoy that. It’s, it’s hard to, um, sometimes it’s very hard to believe that, Or to allow yourself to believe that. And, and that’s one of things, you know, the constant, my, my, my, my constant, why are you with me type thing, isn’t like a, a ploy for sympathy or a ploy for, for a compliment. But rather it’s, it’s a real question, you know, it’s, it’s like, you know, 

[00:16:59] Gabriella: I saw that, that day. I know

[00:17:00] Peter: you’ve seen it many times. I mean, you’ve seen it, uh, you know, when we were waiting. To go back at the airport after I took us outta security, stuff like that, you know, it’s like my God, why? And of course, because I’m mad at myself, cuz I know this is the moment you’re totally gonna leave me. Right. 

[00:17:13] Gabriella: I Yeah, in the middle of the Frankfurt airport, 

[00:17:14] Peter: I wanted getting mad at you. Yes. Right? The, the classic favorite airport story ends with us finally getting back in and going to the lounge. And we had just gotten off a, a red eye flight to, to Europe. So we’re waiting for a connection and we go to the lounge and, and they have showers and the, the woman looks at us. And she was so angry. She goes, do you want a, a suite, a shower suite for the both of you? And I go, I want my own suite . I took my own shower suite because I was so angry at myself and couldn’t, and couldn’t, uh, I had a, had a friend once who, who worked with, um, uh, high functioning, autistic children and like very young, like 2, 3, 4 years old. And her job was, she spent an entire year in school with them, trying to teach them to explain how they feel instead of hitting, instead of getting angry. And she tells this great story about, um, towards the end of the year, a kid was obviously upset and obviously angry at something. And she spent like five minutes saying, okay, Andrew, use your words, use your words. How do you feel? How . Are you feeling? What is the, what is the action that you’re feeling right now? And he looked at her and he got really red in the face and he goes, I’m happy. right. And it’s, it’s literally how I feel. Sometimes it’s like, I mean, like I’m so angry and I’m so happy that you’re still with me. 

[00:18:19] Gabriella: That is so you, but I think one of the things you don’t notice so much about yourself is how, just how funny you make everything. And I think I’m just so I’m grateful because I that’s, the person I needed is that every single thing is funny, no matter what, like we always find the humor and things. And I, I, I don’t, I don’t think that’s an ADHD thing, um, necessarily, but I think, um, you know, I think the world should know if they haven’t noticed that about you already.

[00:18:45] Peter: It definitely comes from. 

[00:18:46] Gabriella: You make everything fun. 

[00:18:47] Peter: It definitely comes from our families and our, you know, I mean, my dad was, was all about using humor to deflect everything growing up and, and, and so was, I, you know, it’s 

[00:18:54] Gabriella: no, but you embrace it now. It’s not as much of a deflection I, that I, I love when you, like, we were just laughing in this car right now until we were crying. Cuz you know, we rolled up and we’re in Italy. So you should, you know, the driver’s here and you should say chow and Peter goes Ola!! Like with the, with. The biggest sense of pride. Like the barrel chested, Ola, you know, 

[00:19:11] Peter: but that’s, that’s classic. That’s classic me, like, okay, I’m in Italy, let’s for some reason speak Spanish and you know, but on the flip side, I once convinced you that I understood Japanese and got you going for like 20 minutes. Um, and you were totally convinced. I, I understood Japanese. So in the end, um, what do you want people are, who, who listen to this podcast? A lot of them are in relationships with people at ADHD and they, they they’re frustrated. They don’t understand, you know, why is this happening? What, what advice would you give someone who’s who is either dating or about to date someone they with ADHD you’re about take that plunge. What would you say to them? 

[00:19:42] Gabriella: You have to open your mind and you have to talk, like, I think one of the things that saves us is that we talk about everything good or bad. And I think you have to be willing just, just like, you know, none, none of us are perfect. Right. And we all have, you have things that you have to adapt to about me that you necessarily don’t like what you deal with. Um, you know, and I think that it’s, it’s a question of not getting so frustrated because what you think the person is doing is on the surface this is not what you believe it to be. Like. There are so many times where I see Peter frustrated, for example, and I immediately think it’s me, he’s got a problem with me. He’s doing something, you know, whatever. And I think it’s the understanding that you have to wrap your head around. It’s not always about you and in a relationship that’s really important. So you have to get to the core and also figure out what it is that helps them get through the day and embrace it, allow it, um, I hate that word, but you know what I mean? It just to let it be, yeah. And not get. so worried all the time that it’s, that it’s a reflection on you because that person needs to do that in order to be the best them for you.

[00:20:44] Peter: Definitely. How can people find you? Cause you have actually a really interesting life apart from me, uh, even more so, even more interesting than, than just when you’re with me. So how can people find you? What’s your, what do you wanna get me Instagram or what.  

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[00:20:54] Gabriella: Sure. I’m the @theexplorateur on Instagram um, I do a little bit of everything in tourism, but I, 

[00:20:59] Peter: we host a podcast together as well. 

[00:21:01] Gabriella: We do! Called the X8 and we’ll be back in the fall with that. 

[00:21:03] Peter: So that’s a travel and a podcast where we travel around the world to beautiful locations and, and, and report on them. But awesome. Gabby, thank you so much. I mean, what the hell is she, you gonna do? We’re in a car at 9:30′ in the morning in the middle of Italy , trying, you know, driving to where are we going? 

[00:21:15] Gabriella: uh, we’re going to Monterosso 

[00:21:16] Peter: Awesome! That’s the other weird thing is that I have never been in a relationship before where I don’t sometimes know, I don’t know where we’re going. Like there are two types people in the world. There’s people who like plan everything out. And the people who wake up in the morning go, oh, what’s the name of the hotel? Or, you know what airline? And, and it’s, it’s very strange to, to, to, to relinquish that control, but I’m starting to enjoy it. I’m starting to, I’m starting to like it. And, uh, at the end of the day, I’m I still have the, I still have the control over the airline. So that’s, that’s my thing. She can, Gabby can handle all the hotels.

Guys thank you for listening, Gab thank you for taking the time to do this. Um, I’m at Peter, Shankman all the socials. As you guys know, we’re at faster normal, um, you can file Instagram, Twitter everywhere. If you like what you hear, uh, drop us a review. If you have guests that you think might benefit from being on the podcast, let us know. We have a big shout out to Steven Byrom, our producer, who is gonna be so angry at me because I’m just recording the string in an iPhone 20 minutes of car sound. He’s gonna have to delete, uh, he’s gonna, he’s gonna be, he’s gonna be it’s he’s it’s not gonna be good. He’s gonna need therapy from this stuff! Steven, we love you. Thank you. [Love you too man! Hope this was at least audible & legible!]  Opening, uh, words performed by Bernie Bernie Wagenblast. Opening and closing theme composed by Steven Byrom, [he says thank you too], and we will see you guys next week with another interview. Thank you so much for listening. Stay safe. Stay well

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  1. Andreas Messis

    Peter, that was great! Thank you and Gabriella for sharing this!


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