The #1 ADHD podcast

on iTunes, hosted by

The #1 ADHD podcast on iTunes, hosted by

How Ice Baths Saved Her Life and Built Her Business with Ashley Claire Skywalker

by Faster Than Normal

Having #ADD or #ADHD is a gift, not a curse. Hear from people all around the globe, from every walk of life, in every profession, from Rock Stars to CEOs, from Teachers to Politicians, who have learned how to unlock the gifts of their #ADD and #ADHD diagnosis, and use it to their personal and professional advantage, to build businesses, become millionaires, or simply better their lives.

Our Guest today is Ashley Clair Skywalker, creator of the TikTok series, Fun Facts From an Ice Bath. Skywalker uses her ADHD superpowers to channel her hyper-fixation into research. On her journey to heal herself from “incurable” Mast Cell Activation, she discovered Ice Baths for her immune system. Through her fun videos she has been able to teach people all over the world about science and give away fun facts. Since gaining an audience on TikTok, she now spends her days coaching, helping others heal themselves, and of course, sharing her Fun Facts From an Ice Bath!


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00:00 – Thank you again so much for listening and for subscribing!!

01:11 – Introducing Ashley. 

02:20 – Ashley in her own words. 

03:13 – The environment and your #mindset. 

04:00 – Is it boring living in the middle of nowhere?

04:50 – Where do you find your random fun facts?

05:55 – Why an ice bath? Ref:  Wim Hoff method

07:01 – Benefits from #icebaths. 

08:50 – #ADHD and #meditation. 

11:11 – How much do we know about ourselves?

12:20 – Ashley’s advice for those with #ADHD.

Connect with Ashley on:

TikTok: @ashleyclairskywalker

Facebook: Ashley Clair Skywalker

YouTube: Ashley Clair Skywalker

Ashley also created a workshop that dives into the science of mediation with #ADHD and walks you through guided meditations. She is giving Faster Than Normal viewers and exclusive 10% off this meditation guidance! To claim this offer, visit, and use the promo code “FASTERTHANNORMAL”.

For other coaching opportunities and to connect with Ashley, visit her website 

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