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FTN 050: Burn Your Boats, with Tony Robbins

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  • February 22, 2017

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For the 50th episode of Faster Than Normal, I couldn’t be happier! This is such an amazing interview – Tony was gracious enough to give us close to 40 minutes of solid gold here, from the concepts of “burning your boats,” why you shouldn’t listen to experts, Tony’s diet, how he stays fit, how he deals with uncertainty… There is so much AMAZING wisdom in this interview, I have no doubt you’re going to love it!

Amongst everything else Tony does, he also has a great new book coming out, called Unshakeable – I’ve read it already – It’s pretty amazing. There’s some economic brilliance in this book, whether you’re just starting your first saving account, or you work with money for a living. You don’t want to miss this book. (Click the link above for some special gifts if you pick it up, as well.)

Again – Thanks for listening – I’m just so proud of this episode. If you love it, please, please, drop us a review on iTunes – That’s how we get more people to understand that ADHD is a gift, not a curse.

Enjoy Tony Robbins!

In this episode, Peter and Tony discuss:

  • Tony’s thoughts on ADHD (03:46)
  • Diagnosed with a tumor (04:46)
  • Not listening to experts (06:05)
  • Do your own homework (07:56)
  • Dealing with the public school system (09:10)
  • Don’t leave in fear (10:54)
  • Peter’s first plane jump (12:15)
  • Being on a stage (13:16)
  • Tony’s diet (14:29)
  • Staying fit (18:16)
  • Dealing with uncertainty (19:12)
  • Tony’s new book (26:09)


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  • Lisa L. Flowers

    Great job Peter and Tony! I appreciate all the tips and support offered in this podcast.

  • http://RogerEllman.com/ Roger Ellman

    Who doesn’t want to enjoy, absorb and be around bundles of energy and energy-maintaining, even multiplying, conversation, ideas and sheer enthusiasm. Mix that with some great and originally expressed tips and strategies….well that’s what your podcast was. Excellent Peter and as always, energizing and positive..Tony Robbins. Burn your boats and pursue!

  • Michelle Hamilton

    Great podcast and fabulous web site!, I attended a TR event a couple of summers ago and it was powerful. I do have to say though that during the event a participant talked openly about the struggles she was having with her two kids with ADHD and using medication. TR blasted her, humiliated her and questioned her parenting. Drove her to tears. It was very disappointing especially to families that help their kids explore their gift of ADHD through many avenues that are very personal choices for them. It certainly changed our minds about some of TR’s coaching skills.