The #1 ADHD podcast

on iTunes, hosted by

The #1 ADHD podcast on iTunes, hosted by

ADHD Finding a Way Forward After a Death. Success Story & Former Dropout, Timothy Peers

by Faster Than Normal

Currently, as a senior business analyst, he’s been blessed with a job function that is easily described as “it’s hard to explain.” His life-to-date is not an easy or short one to try and explain either; which is part of what makes our visit with smiling Timothy Peers so special today. He’s launched a small side business focusing on personal coaching towards superior interviewing and resume skills (which has helped multitudes of individuals see a collective $200,000 increase in their income). When he’s not spending time with his little girl, gardening, or speaking to and helping others, he’s working on a blog and his business website.  Enjoy!

In this episode, Peter and Timothy discuss:

2:20- Welcome Tim!

2:31- So how did you become a dropout, twice?

3:58- Do you remember the instance or events when things began to go south for you?

4:55- Word Problems versus Number Problems

5:58- Basic Programming Language

6:32- Hyperfocus

7:10- On Hyperfocus

8:00- ADHD in the 80’s

8:50- On discovery, a good look at yourself and accountability with a great partner

10:30- On accepting an ADHD diagnosis & about getting tested in the first place

12:17- Could you share a little with us about how you began to cope with the loss of your wife?

13:38- On “finding a new hobby” and the grieving process

17:38- Thank you very much Timothy. How can people reach you? [email protected]

18:34-  Faster Than Normal Podcast info and credits

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