The #1 ADHD podcast

on iTunes, hosted by

The #1 ADHD podcast on iTunes, hosted by

ADHD Hello Cleveland! Leading Social Security Disability lawyer, Michael Liner, gives back

by Faster Than Normal

Michael is proud to have been selected by his peers as one of the top Social Security Disability lawyers in Ohio and has helped his clients obtain tens of millions of dollars in Social Security benefits. Michael became a disability attorney because he knows what it is like to be “different”. As a child growing up in the Detroit area, he attended a special school for children with attention and behavior problems. His behavior problems were so severe in fact that he was ultimately expelled from that special school. Michael also dealt with with a range of neurological disorders including epilepsy and motor tic syndrome. When choosing a career path, it was important for Michael to find a field where he could help people going through experiences like his own as a child.

We talk with Michael about his journey, what it feels like now to have a thriving law practice and ADHD. He gives some advice to future lawyers here too. Enjoy!

In this episode, Peter and Michael discuss:

0:50- Welcome & introducing Michael Liner! So.. how did you get kicked out of school?

1:46- What first prompted your parents to enroll you in The Roeper School?

4:10- Tell us about your college career

6:31- What are your rules for thriving in an industry were the details are so damn important?

8:30- What are some of your life rules & daily routines?

10:43- What’s your personal exercise of choice?

11:28- How do you stay focused during long days of court?

14:32- What advice would you give to someone with ADHD who might be considering a career practicing Law?

16:26- How can people find you Michael? Twitter: @LinerLegal Facebook or simply text “SSD” to 36260 to download the Liner Legal App!

17:08- Thank you Michael!

17:32-  Faster Than Normal Podcast info and credits

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