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The #1 ADHD podcast on iTunes, hosted by

ADHD Reinventing Dining w/ Union Square Hospitality Group CEO Danny Meyer

by Faster Than Normal

I am thrilled & honored to finally visit with famed restauranteur & author, Danny Meyer! What a great guy, plus- he is the CEO of Union Square Hospitality Group and the founder of Shake Shack! (If I see you at the gym twice this weekend, you’ll know why). Today we talk about building a business that puts quality customer satisfaction first, coffee milkshakes, the necessity of cheese, and how folks with ADD&OCD often become great entrepreneurs! A little more about Danny:  The Union Square Hospitality Group comprises some of New York’s most beloved restaurants, including Union Square Cafe, Gramercy Tavern, The Modern, and more. Danny, his restaurants and chefs have earned an unprecedented 28 James Beard Awards, and Danny’s recent personal achievements include the Julia Child Award (2017) and his inclusion on the TIME 100 list of the Most Influential People in the World (2015). His first business book, Setting the Table (HarperCollins, 2006), a New York Times bestseller, examines the power of hospitality in restaurants, business and life.. Enjoy!

In this episode Peter and Danny discuss:

1:18-  Intro and welcome Danny Meyer!  ref:  Setting the Table”, Union Square Hospitality Group, City Harvest, Share Our Strength, Union Square Partnership, Madison Square Park Conservancy 

2:38-  Explain to us the travel that took you from a Political Science Major at Trinity College, then working in Chicago for John Anderson’s Presidential Campaign- over to the Restaurant & Travel business.

5:15-  On the invent of Union Square Cafe circa 1985

6:10-  When you opened, you were a twenty-sever-year-old entrepreneur, focused on customer satisfaction, who was gambling on an entirely new genre of restaurant! Tell us a little about that experience please?

8:56-  How did you take the one great success and turn it into several? What would you say to entrepreneurs who are wanting to expand?  ref:  Union Square Hospitality Group

14:40-  On ADD/OCD.  Do you have moments of waking up and feeling like “This can’t be all real”?!  ref:  Imposter syndrome 

16:58-  Can you give us the one piece of advice that you’ve given all four of your children?

19:17-  Awesome. How can people get in touch with you on the web? Twitter & INSTA:  @dhmeyer 

19:36-  On Social Media and how Danny uses it.

20:59-  Peter Shankman’s go-to order at Shake Shack

21:30-  Danny Meyer’s go-to order at Shake Shack

22:15-  Thank you so much Danny!

22:29-  Thanks again to Danny Meyer, and thank YOU for subscribing, reviewing and listening! You can always reach me at [email protected] or @petershankman on all of the socials. Also at @FasterThanNormal on all of the socials. 

22:51-  Faster Than Normal Podcast info & credits

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