The #1 ADHD podcast

on iTunes, hosted by

The #1 ADHD podcast on iTunes, hosted by

Seth Crawford, Runner, Marketer, and Literally Faster Than Normal!

by Faster Than Normal

Can exercise power your ADHD to power you? We find out on this episode of the Faster Than Normal podcast!

Today’s guest is Seth Crawford, who I met while I was down in North Carolina to give a speech. He responded to one of my public requests for a running buddy, but little did I know he was a former college track star. During our run, he did most of the talking, because I did most of the trying not to die. He told me all about his past, including how he found out about his ADHD, and what he did to counter it. It occurred to me then that if I survived my run with him, I should have him on the podcast. And here we go.

In this episode, Peter and Seth discuss:

  • Seth’s early symptoms
  • How his teachers worked with Seth to make him focus (KILLER tips here for parents and teachers)
  • How to quickly re-focus using exercise
  • Connection between exercise and ADD (validating why I work out as much as I do)
  • Taking medication vs not taking it
  • The problem with too much focus
  • Advice for parents or employers with kids or employees who are diagnosed with ADD (Value Bomb!)


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