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on iTunes, hosted by

The #1 ADHD podcast on iTunes, hosted by

Failing Doesn't Mean You're a Failure, with Guest Amanda Steinberg

by Faster Than Normal

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Get married, have children, start a company, sink every last dollar you have into it, spend six years on a roller coaster of “will it work, will I lose everything, will it work, will I lose everything,” and, oh, do this all with massive ADHD? Why not? Meet this week’s guest is Amanda Steinberg!

Amanda is the founder of Daily Worth, now WorthFM. She’s managed to turn her ADHD into her superpower, no doubt, by following one basic rule: Surround yourself with good people who are smart and can do things when you get pulled in another direction. In this week’s Faster Than Normal podcast, she explains how you can do the same, and a whole bunch more.

Amanda is essentially the female me. I love this episode. She’s so much fun, and understands so well how to use her ADHD to her advantage. Listen to her tips here. They’re gold. Truly.

Happy listening! 🙂

In this episode, Peter and Amanda discuss:

  • Amanda’s backstory (01:49)
  • Daily Worth (02:45)
  • Massive markets (03:50)
  • Idea execution (04:40)
  • Why most ideas die (06:23)
  • Making a big deal out of failing (07:51)
  • ADHD and finances (09:21)
  • More on Daily Worth (10:40)
  • Tips and tricks for daily life (13:02)
  • Delegation (13:24)
  • App recommendations (14:03)
  • Yoga (15:14)
  • Growing up with ADHD (15:27)
  • Kids (17:41)


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  1. Kimberly

    Interesting about 10 hours a day of video games in Amanda’s childhood. I think for some kids, ADD ADHD is part nature and part nurture, e.g. there may be a genetic pre-disposition to ADD/ADHD but watching a lot of t.v. or playing a lot of games does the opposite of encouraging a long attention span.

    Whereas, say, reading a book or having a conversation with a real person requires imagination, filling in a lot of the blanks within your own brain, and learning social cues and critical thinking. Just musing . . . I have no answers, and don’t know if it’s chicken or egg — but many friends I have with ADD have a strong history of hours per day of video game playing. Or maybe the ADD creates a need for the games that reading a book or other activities can’t fill?

    Thanks for the great podcast – enjoyed it!

  2. J. J.'s mom

    This was great! I am at the beginning of the learning curve with a recently diagnosed elementary school child. Open to any and all suggestions from those who have gone before…. Quite sure I could also benefit from the Daily Worth.


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